Feb 27, 2013

Health Food?

by Emmie Dark

Hi Lovecatters! As you might remember from my last post, I've recently been lucky enough to have spent several weeks in the USA. In fact I'm only just back, still struggling with the jetlag -- I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 4am, but at 4pm I want nothing more than to crawl under the doona...

I mentioned in my last post that I enjoyed some fantastic food while I was in Texas. I actually had amazing food everywhere in the States. But when you're travelling it can't be beer and ribs every night, so occasionally you do need to seek out healthier options. Luckily that's pretty easy to do in California, where places like Cafe Gratitude not only cook vegan, organic food, but name all their dishes as "affirmations" so every time you place an order, you're putting out good vibes into the universe.
I was (still am!) in love with the "I Am Grace" smoothie. I'm not a dairy person, so smoothies have never been my thing. But this smoothie (made with coconut milk) was so amazing -- like drinking cake!! I've bought all the ingredients to see if I can replicate it at home -- although I doubt I'll be able to get that true LA vibe right in my kitchen.

(I have an idea to set up a Cafe Gratitude for Authors. The dishes would be called things like "I Am Published" and "I Have An Amazing Agent" and "My Book Is On Shelves Now".)

In LA, I had no problems finding cafes and restaurants cooking vegan, vegetarian, organic -- and, most importantly, making it absolutely delicious.

On the flip side, you can't always be so righteous. And sometimes, deliciousness must rule. Like arguably the best brunch spot in Palm Springs: Cheeky's. (Unfortunately the website doesn't provide you with the logo that appears on the waiting staff's uniforms. It features two monkeys and it's, well, very cheeky.) Check out the totally awesome offer from Cheeky's:
You've heard of a wine flight, right? Well, how about a BACON flight from the BACON BAR to keep your breakfast not only delicious but educational as well?

Hmm, maybe that's what I need this morning to get my jet lag under control. Some bacon. Mmm. And a smoothie. Yes, that's what I need. And it'll be healthy, won't it? The healthy smoothie and the less-healthy bacon cancel each other out, don't they?? ;)


  1. Emmie, your American trip sounds as if it were wonderful! Am green with envy! I'm also of the opinion that bacon cures everything. So, yes, it will absolutely positively have your jetlag under control in no time.

    P.S. There's a problem with having beer and ribs every night. ;-)

  2. Hi Emmie, I love your idea for a Cafe Gratitude for authors!

  3. Thanks Michelle -- I'll definitely head in for some bacon, then!

  4. I think there's real money-spinner in that idea, Kandy!! I'm glad you like it!

  5. I love the positive statements on your cafe's menue Emmie. I'd eat there often. My favorite would be the I Am Published then later I'd move on to the My Book Is On The Shelves Right Now dish. I think I'd love how that tastes.

  6. Emmie, what a nice idea about the Cafe Gratitude. Your American food adventures sound fascinating. I hope you have success replicating that smoothie. Perhaps if you do you might have a smoothie bar at the next romance writers conference...

  7. I just love the sound of the affirmation smoothies, Emmie! And the bacon 'flight'? Gives a whole new meaning to pigs might fly! Sounds like a fabulous gastronomic trip.

  8. Emmie, like the others, I love the idea of the affirmation smoothies! Maybe I should do that with smoothies at home...

    Also loving these tidbits from your trips. We should call you Globetrotting Cat!

  9. An affirmation menu...what a fantastic idea! No wrong choices there.
    I love going somewhere new and poring over what's on offer. Last week, at a very "in" Melbourne restaurant, I had stuffed zuchhini flowers for the first time. Oh my Lord. Deeelish!

  10. Yum, Emmie! Please keep us posted on your reproduction of "I AM GRACE" - it sounds delicious!

    Loved the idea of your Cafe Gratitude for Authors - can I please pre-order and "I AM INSPIRED"!?