Feb 10, 2013

Sunday Smooch!

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

The winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway from Nicole Flockton and Bound By Her Ring is Jane B!

Jane, please contact Nicole at nicole@nicoleflockton.com and she will arrange your prize.

And now for today's Sunday Smooch from A Wedding She'll Never Forget by Robyn Grady.

Remembrance of Things Passionate                                                        

She's been making the "right" decisions all her life. But after elite D.C. event planner Scarlet Anders meets self-made billionaire Daniel McNeal—a rowdy, sexy male who laughs in the face of society—she wishes she could make different choices.

Then she trips over a tangled wedding veil and everything changes. Because the resulting memory loss turns prim-and-proper Scarlet into carefree Scarlet. She jumps at Daniel's offer of a wild affair. Yet when her memory returns, she realizes she's in love with this man—but is he willing to give her a wedding of her own?

[Set-up]  After Scarlet has made herself clear - she isn't interested in Daniel or his live-for-today type - he is dropping her home. He's told her a little about his background and has asked about her parents.

"They live in Georgetown, too," she said.
"Not too close for you?"
"We're a close family. In a healthy way. I make my own decisions. You know. Run my own life."
He chuckled. "Don't try so hard to convince me."
She fell quiet before adding, "Truth is…sometimes they do jump in with an opinion. But I guess most mothers are like that. Overly protective."
He inhaled deeply, then swallowed that damn ache again.
The GPS gave a few more instructions before he pulled up outside a block of upmarket town houses. The rain had stopped so he shut down the wipers. When he left the engine running, however, she seemed surprised.
"You're not seeing me to the door?"
"You don't want me to."
"Wow. You really are trying." Then she cocked her head. "Unless this is a reverse psychology thing where pulling back is supposed to draw me deeper into your web."
He held up his hands. "No webs. I didn't even see the latest Spider-Man flick. Yet."
"I've seen it twice. Right through to the very last credit."
"Well, a movie's not over until you've scanned the hundred names under visual effects."
"Now you're mocking me."
She tried to hide a grin. "And here I was thinking you were the type who enjoyed getting a rise out of poor unsuspecting folk like me."
"Only if I'm sure they won't belt me."
"Then I should warn you I have a power right hook."
"Which is why I have only the utmost respect for you."
That twinge of a grin grew. "You do, huh?"
"Yeah." He paused. "I really do."
Her eyes were so bright. In the light filtering through her window, her face appeared almost luminous. Free of pretense. Even vulnerable.
Then, as if realizing that vulnerability, Scarlet's smile faded. At the same time, the space separating them seemed to shrink. That sense of sharing—of connecting—changed…spiraled wider, tunneled deeper. And then he was looking at her in a way he'd vowed that he wouldn't.
The tips of his fingers curled around the leather of the steering wheel. He wouldn't act on the need. Even when that superior force building inside of him was so strong…like a big wave curling over his head, pushing him forward, giving him no choice but to leave his sense of reason behind in the wash.
But in his heart of hearts, Daniel knew. Logic had never been the issue here. Not for either of them.
He edged closer.
When his mouth slanted over hers, her eyes drifted shut and those sweet lips parted on a sigh. Any second, he expected her to pull back. Slap his face. But as one heartbeat bled into the next, she only dissolved against him more as if she wanted him to know that she agreed. Despite her objections, this coming together was always going to happen.
His hand found the curve of her neck, the fast but steady beat of a pulse. As his tongue twined with hers, his fingers combed up to cradle the back of her head. They pressed closer, the kiss deepened and his desire to know more—take more—began to burn in his mind like a torch.
When their lips gradually parted, Daniel didn't sense anger. Certainly not disgust. As his gaze searched her face in the shadows, his hand slid around to cup her hot cheek. The pad of his thumb grazed the moist rim of her lower lip. Slowly her heavy-lidded eyes met his.
"You can't ever do that again," she said.
"That would entail never seeing you again."
"If that's what it takes."
He wanted to laugh. Man, was she stubborn.
"I respect that you don't want to blur the lines between personal and your business commitment to Caroline's wedding," he assured her. "And I heard that you've dated some guy with a digit at the end of his name—"
"I'm engaged," she cut in, and that still-wet bottom lip quivered. "To be married."
His gut kicked. That didn't compute. She was kidding. Had to be.
"I don't believe you," he said.
"We haven't made the announcement. Everett only asked me last night. The ring is being resized. It's an heirloom."
Daniel fell away, gripped the wheel. What the?
He growled, "Spare me the details."
But there was one thing he did want to know. Why was she marrying a guy she didn't love? Because, while he'd never experienced that emotion himself, Daniel was bloody sure if he'd wanted someone enough to pop the question, he wouldn't be kissing someone else, not for any reason.
Still, that hardly made him a white knight in this situation. If he hadn't kept on. Hadn't insisted on this lift but had left her to stand there alone in the rain…
Shutting his eyes, he pinched the bridge of his nose.
"I apologize," he said. "I'm not a good loser."
"I'm a far worse fiancée." Her head went back against the rest and, as if she were sick to her stomach, she groaned. "Bad doesn't come close to describing how I feel."
"I take responsibility—"
"No. It's my fault." She looked across at him with a gaze that was turned more inward than out. "You see, when I said I didn't trust you, what I should have said…what I should have understood was that I didn't trust myself."

Robyn is giving away a copy of A Wedding She'll Never Forget. To get into the spirit of Valentine's Day, leave a comment telling us what you have planned for Thursday...or what you'd like to have planned for you!
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  1. Oh, wow! Now this sound intriguing. She kissed and enjoyed it yet now she regrets?

    Congratulations on the release, Robyn!

  2. Congrats on the upcoming release, Robyn. No plans yet, but something simple like a dinner and a movie would be lovely.

  3. Ooh, what a terrifically intriguing story. Good one, Robyn. It makes me want to read on from there and not stop. Lovely!

    Valentine's Day? Hm, not yet planned. I'll have to get organised, won't I?

  4. Hi Robyn - great excerpt!

    I just finished your other 'wedding book' - The Wedding Must Go On -which I really enjoyed!!!

    Congrats on the release of A Wedding She'll Never Forget! :)

  5. Ooh, Robbie, fabulous excerpt. Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

    Hmm, I'm thinking of moving Valentine's Day to Friday in the Douglas household. Not sure what we'll do, but chocolate and champagne will feature. :-)

  6. Wow, sounds very good to read.

    Valentines Day will be a normal work day, by the time I come home hubby will be gone to work. We may go out on hubby's next day off.

  7. Gorgeous smooch, Robyn! But then you always write the most delicious kisses.

    No plans for Valentine's Day here yet, but then it's still days away. :)

  8. Thanks, Nas! The story takes a few more unexpected turns yet =)

  9. Jane, I am dying to see "Lincoln". I love Daniel Day Lewis, and Sally Field, one of my fave actresses is in it too.

  10. Thanks, Annie!! Months ago I wanted to buy tickets for Driving Miss Daisy at the theatre. Might still see if there are any seats left. Pretty special with Angela Landsbury and James Earl Jones!

  11. Hi Joanna! Great to see you here with the LoveCats =) Glad you enjoyed The Wedding Must Go On. I really liked writing those scenes around the billabong. Very Aussie...and sexy ;)

  12. Hi Michelle! Chocolate and champagne are excellent choices. Think I'll join you in that suggestion =))

  13. Hi Fluser! That sounds wonderful. Valentines Day is really just another opportunity to show a special someone in our lives that we love them...and that can be done as easily as taking a walk or enjoying a DVD when you can both sit down. Life is normally so busy, simply having time together is a gift.

  14. Aw, thanks, Rachel =) And I like the idea of being spontaneous!!

  15. A fabulous smooch thank you!!

    Nothing planned for Valentines, but it's just one day. For me it's the rest of the year that counts more.

  16. Thank you, Mary! I agree. We should show our love all year round =)

  17. Definitely would love to read this book. So many irresistible hooks (the "pull" between them; the "him letting go but not really"; the amnesia; and even the title's implications).
    Thursday's plan: DH has dental check-up at 8 am, so I plan to buy a bouquet of flowers the previous evening for him to deliver to the dentist's secretary! We always have such a hoot when she phones here to book appointments (I have a different dentist since premarriage); I know she's divorced, so perhaps the flowers will perk up her day.
    Other than that, I'll be spending the afternoon with my husband before the kids get home. There's nothin' better....

  18. What a kiss. I'm hooked.

    My husband and I plan to drive for 2 hours to my sister's farm. Then we are going to take her and her husband out for Valentine's lunch in their favorite restaurant which is another 1/2 hour away. I'm hoping for no snow on that day and if possible some sunshine.

  19. Laney, that's a scream! She must be a very special secretary. Y'know, my dh has two wonderful assistants working for him. I've bought them some quality chocolates with cards that say, "To one of (company's name) sweethearts."
    And afternoons alone together are the BEST!

  20. Kaelee, that's so thoughtful - and romantic for both couples! Here's wishing for clear skies. The climate in my part of the world atm is balmy. Had a swim in the surf yesterday. Going for another today =)

  21. Fab kiss, Robyn! I'm hooked right in with that announcement at the end that Scarlet's engaged! Argh! Now I need to know how she and Daniel work it out!

    Oh, dear... as for Valentine's Day... ummm, I do have a card for my dh! It's 50/50 whether he'll have remembered - we're such a romantic pair! But we enjoy a good laugh about it and that's the most important thing!

  22. Laughter is *the* best gift you can give anyone, particularly that very special someone.
    Hope you have a brilliant day tomorrow!