Feb 15, 2013

Frivolous Friday!

Looking for Romance!

With Valentine's Day just gone, I thought we'd strike a nice romantic note for our blog today!

Make Your Own Word Search

So did you do anything special  yesterday... or was anything special done for you?

I have to say that I got an absolutely smashing umbrella from Harlequin - how lovely was that!  Perfect for the grey, thunder-stormy day we had here for Valentine's Day. Though... I'm still waiting for some rain so I can really put it to good use!

Here's a picture... 

 Hope you have some fun with our puzzle!


  1. Hi Sharon ~ It
    s still Valentine's here. I had a wonderful day. my husband and I drove two hours to my sister's place and then the husbands took us out to lunch. We then went shopping and bought an orchid for my husband's almost 91 year old aunt. we delivered it on the way home and had a nice visit with her. Also got to see one of her sons as he popped in to do a chore for his mom. Finished off the day with a nice big salad, a pizza, and some chocolates.

    On another blog one author was saying that she would rather have had chocolate than an umbrella. I think the umbrella is very unique.

    Loved the word search puzzle.

  2. Sharon, love the umbrella! We had a day after V Day dinner for two by the lake. Very nice indeed!

  3. Sorry I'm so late back in! Renovations! The "During Renovation" pictures will be on my March post next month! In the meantime it's mess, mess, mess here! LOL

    Kaelee, your Valentine's Day sounds just lovely! A really good opportunity to catch up with people who matter!

    The umbrella is a bit different as a Valentine's present, isn't it! Actually the sky here right now looks very threatening - with a bit of luck I might get the chance to try it out. Not holding my breath though, we've been having a string of days where the sky looks like it means business only to have it produce a few thundery grumbles then melt away.

  4. Annie, your dinner for two sounds lovely! Actually as soon as these renovations are over, I'm taking my dh off to town for a lunch out. One of the restaurants here has a 'confit duck leg' that is just divine! I figure he deserves a treat because he's been working very hard!

  5. I loved my umbrella from the lovely Harlequin Australia office! And with the rain we've had in Queensland, I think I'll get to use it soon. :)

  6. Rachel, an umbrella is the perfect present for a Queenslander right now! Perhaps you could send some of that precipitation down here!