Feb 17, 2013

Sunday Smoch with Paula Roe ........

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Paula Roe, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Moonlit Encounters by the fabulous Paula Roe ........

New Yorker and Christmas-phobe Annie Ellis may be jilted and penniless in a foreign country, but she's no damsel in distress! And with Yulefest in full swing, it's more than enough for local Aussie Noah Greene to handle...

Scene set-up: [Annie, has just given her cheating ex a mouthful and she’s feeling pretty buzzed about it.]

Triumph swelled with each step Damon took, until he finally disappeared from view and I let loose the wide grin that’d been itching to get out.

“Yessss!” I pumped the air, my skin buzzing. “God, that felt great!” I launched myself at a smiling Noah, wrapping my arms around his neck in triumph.

We laughed. We hugged. And then I planted a swift, victorious kiss on his lips.

We both stopped laughing.

Yeah, my arms were still around him and he was holding me off the ground because he was so damn tall. Our faces were so close I could feel the surprised rush of his warm breath on my lips. Lips that were tingling from my impromptu kiss.

He slowly released me, and I slid down until my feet touched the ground with a clack of heels.


Then he leaned down and kissed me.

Just like that. Without warning, with no ‘can I?’ or ‘do you mind if-?’ Just one hand at the back of my neck pulling me in, then his warm mouth covering mine.

It was hot, wet and very, very good.

No, it was excellent.

And when he finally released me, his hand grasped my wrist then linked his fingers in mine.

My insides gave a loud cheer. Hand-holding was so underrated.

“Wow,” I breathed.

He chuckled, sending a shiver down my spine. Boy, what the man could do with just his voice! “That good, was it?”

“It was...” I searched for a word. Nothing. “Yes.”

“‘It was ‘yes’? Best review ever.”

Moonlit Encounters is out now – on e at Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes. You can also buy a hard copy at Amazon, too.
Paula will be giving away a copy of her latest Harlequin Desire, A Precious Inheritance....
Leave a comment to the following question to go into the draw ..... Annie was definitely not expecting a hero or a kiss, what’s been your best surprise?

Come back next week and the winner will announced and smooch from In Safe Hands by Entngled author Lee Christine will be posted.


  1. thanks for letting me share my smooch, guys!

  2. Fun smooch, Paula! I bet Annie and Noah sound like a gorgeous couple together. :)

    Thanks for visiting us!

  3. they were heaps of fun to write, Rach ;-)

  4. What a great smooch! Yes. Heaps of fun. And what a gorgeous cover. Did you do that? =)

    One of my biggest surprises was when I landed an agent. I was at that point where I thought I'd *never* get published, I dashed off this email and she got back to me within minutes. Those are the kind of moments we want to bottle up and keep forever.

  5. That is a wonderful surprise, Robbie! I know exactly what you mean about bottling them. Hope to have that experience one day :-) (and yes, that cover is my creation!)

  6. Hi Paula, it's lovely to have you here today with the LoveCats. What a fun smooch.

    Biggest surprise? The day my husband came home 3 days early after months away in Europe. I opened the door and there he was - couldn't believe it for hours!

  7. Aw, Paula, what a cute moment. This pair sound like fun!

  8. Thanks Fiona and Michelle!

  9. Annie, that's the best surprise ever! :-)