Sep 26, 2012

The morning after...

by Emmie Dark

I think I need to poll writers to see how they all feel on the day after deadline day. 

I think the poll would be multiple choice, and I think the options for answering would be along the lines of:
  • Quite sad.
  • Very sad.
  • Extremely sad.
  • Am crying into my fish fingers and custard right now.
Is it just me, LoveCatters, or is it a writerly thing? To me, it’s kind of like saying goodbye to house guests. You know, the really good kind of houseguests: the ones that do the dishes, provide entertaining company, and don’t make a mess in the bathroom. You stand in the driveway, waving goodbye as they back their car out into the street, and then you go back inside. But something’s missing. The house is too quiet. There’s a subtle kind of energy missing.

It’s a futile feeling, because of course my characters haven’t really gone anywhere. I could just open that document and visit with them all again instantly. But that special time has passed – the time when it’s just me and them, when I get to learn all about them and play with their lives like a devious, capricious god.

When I visit them next time, with my editor’s and copy editor’s revisions, it’ll be different. It won't be just us, and what will be happening will be far more "work" than those lovely first weeks we spent together discovering what was going to happen. 

I've just said "farewell" to my biggest book ever. It involves a wedding, dogs, vampires, Twitter, household accidents, a 1970 Ford Falcon XY GT, and quite a bit of steamy hawt stuff. I always love whichever book I'm working on at the time best. But I really really love this one*. 

And I've hit send. It's off to my editor. And now I'm here, at my 'puter, wondering what to do. The fact that I have a "to do" list as long as my arm filled with all the things I didn't do while I spent every waking moment writing (and some of my sleeping moments too), seems, well, irrelevant. Thank goodness I had you guys to come and chat to. Otherwise I don't know what I would have done! 

Luckily, Melbourne town has put on some sunshine today. I think I might peek out, blinking hard, and see what the outside world has got up to while I've been locked inside the deadline cave. Maybe go find a cup of tea somewhere in the sun. And then, maybe -- if I get really desperate -- have a go at attacking that "to do" list. 

Wish me luck! 

*Watch me say the same thing about whatever I write next in a couple of months' time!


  1. Love the photo, Emmie! Your post just reminded me- I got a voucher for a massage recently and I've now booked in to have it the day after the deadline for my next book. That way I have a lovely reward for all that hard work (and the housework can wait!)

  2. That's a brilliant idea, Louisa! I just might go make myself an appointment now... ;)

  3. Oh, I hear you, Emmie! Go outside while you can! If the to do list hasn't exploded yet it won't while you have a cup of tea.

  4. Agreed, Imelda -- I'm about to head out now!!

  5. Everything seems better with a cup of tea in hand.

  6. I can understand that letting go thing because I'm going through that too. I've tinkered and tinkered and now I shall tinker no more. At least not without an editor on my shoulder. Looking forward to another awesome book, Emmie!

  7. Emmie, maybe I'm odd but definitely not. I love having sent my book off I feel liberated and pleased, excited even. Maybe it's just the fact that I can read a book instead of writing one! I miss the characters but they're still in my head and I feel I've sent them off towards their happily ever after.

  8. Thanks Marybelle, I agree. A cup of tea can cure all sort of things. :)

  9. Thanks Louise! You're right -- there is such a time as the right time to let go. After all, even the best house guests eventually out-stay their welcome...

  10. I love that you have a different reaction Annie! It makes me wonder if perhaps I just have more miles to tread in my writerly journey and one day I'll be feeling liberated and pleased too!

  11. Emmie, that is such a precious photo!!
    I get where you're coming from; like it's saying goodbye to wonderful friends you've worked hard to come to know and love. It's hard to believe that, well, that's it. Giant exhale.
    But I'm a little with Annie here too. I usually don't send a ms off until reeeeaaally late - like 5am. Then I sleep the whole next day. Then I watch gobs of TV and read, read, read for, like, two days. It's a mini vacation!
    But I'm wondering if that freedom reaction is in part due because the more stories we send off, the more we realize it's not really goodbye. We have revisions, maybe more than one lot. Then copy edits and line edits, then the actually real life book arrives!! Then promotion, and all the while we're writing our next.
    And I'm very interested to hear about your vampire tale. Are you going paranormal?? =)

  12. Hi Robyn, maybe you're right, actually I'm hoping you are! I'd love for it to be more like the experiences you and Annie report.

    No, my story isn't paranormal, it's a SuperRomance, but I've managed to entangle vampires in there. Have I got you intrigued?? *evil laugh*

  13. Hi Emmie - well done on finishing your mss and clicking the "send" button.

    Some wonderful published writers have better insights than I do ;) however, with the sun shining, you should def have a cuppa in the warmth. Knowing Melbourne, the sunshine won't be around for much longer ;)

    I too am intrigued about the vampires in a SuperRomance ..... I'm sure it'll be a brilliant read :)

  14. Emmie, I'm intrigued by this vampire connection too!

    I adore that photo you've used with this post!

    Well done on finishing your ms! I hear that you're sad to say goodbye to your very special characters... but I'm more like Annie - not sad about seeing them go on to the next stage but excited by the possibilities!