Sep 12, 2012

Life's a Beach

by Michelle Douglas

One of the things I really enjoyed about the RWAust Gold Coast conference was the location. Oh the joy of sneaking out for a walk along the beach!

I love the ocean and, while I know I’m not alone in that, I love it more than I do a river or a lake. There’s something about the surge and movement of waves and tides, the salt tang in the air, the sound of waves breaking onshore and the cries of seagulls on the breeze .

It makes me feel alive.

I live on the coast. I can drive to the most glorious beaches in less than five minutes. Of course, I hardly ever do, but I’ve decided to change that. I love walking, and I love the beach. So I’m making the effort to get myself to this most inspirational of locations to soak up the atmosphere and recharge the batteries. And man oh man is it blowing the cobwebs away!

So, in an effort to share the love, I thought I’d share my beach walk with you.

This is where I start my walk. If you look to the very end of the beach, just above it on the bluff is a car park -- that's where I walk to. And then I turn around and walk back. Depending on my mood and energy levels it takes thirty to forty minutes all up.

This is the halfway point, looking back the way I've come. This is my favourite spot to just gaze out to sea, sigh in bliss and soak up the atmosphere. :-) I mean, man, look at the colours!

And this is when I've reached the other end. Nice view, huh?

Here's the midway point again. Can you see those incoming storm clouds ?

Oh, my, look at those storm clouds!

And here I am nearly back at where I started from. And can you see the building at the end of the beach? You probably can't make it out too well, but it's over three levels and is mostly glass--it's called The Surfhouse. There's a cafe on the lower level that makes the most excellent coffee...and gives you the most divine place from which to watch a storm play out.

So what about you? Have you been doing anything to recharge your batteries lately? And do you have a favourite beach you like to visit?

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  1. I'm with you, Michelle. Nothing recharges like the ocean. I live a few minutes (10 maybe) walk from the beach and try to go a few times a week if I can't do daily. It can turn your yuck day into something wonderful.

    After years of living away from the beach, I really appreciate being close now and can't wait for that water to warm up!


  2. Cath, how wonderful to be so close you can walk to the beach! And you're absolutely right. Walking by the ocean can take a meh-day and turn it into something to savour.

    Have really been enjoying the different moods of the beach this last week. We had big seas over the weekend with the beach closed to bathers. Angry seas are always an awesome sight. :-)

  3. Michelle, what terrific pictures. I can see why this would recharge your batteries. I'll have to try it myself. Like you I'm close to the water but it's not within sight. I should make more of what's so close because, also like you, I find something about the sea both invigorating and inspiring (and relaxing in times of stress).

    To recharge the batteries I've just started going to pilates after a 3 week break due to travel and other commitments - I feel so much better for that structured exercise! Coffee with friends is a big plus too! What do you do when it rains? Take wet weather gear or just sit and watch the storm. It looks the perfect place to watch bad weather.

  4. It looks divine, Michelle! I can just about glimpse the sea from my window- it's seven minutes walk away. But I have to confess I don't go down there very much- however, your blog has inspired me to do more! (Finding the time is hard these days). I fill my well with zumba usually, but maybe I need a change of scenery!

  5. Those are magical views! I agree with everything you've said. In fact, at least once a week, I walk along the front of Bribie Passage. Relaxing and invigorating at the same time.
    My brother and sister-in-law just bought a house right on the beach. Only a nature strip separates them from the waves. Can you imagine waking up to that every morning???

  6. Yes, Annie--coffee with friends is a most excellent way to recharge the batteries! On the next rainy day, I think that's exactly what I'll do. Wanna join me? ;-)

    I do highly recommend the walking-by-the-beach recharge, though. My life had started to feel like it was all rigid routine, but walking by the beach makes me feel like I'm skiving off. An hour of skiving, I've discovered, is very good for the soul.

  7. Glimpse the sea from your window (almost)! Am so jealous, Louisa! Zumba sounds like it would certainly blow the cobwebs away too, but I'm loving the beach so much at the moment that I want everyone to go down to their nearest one and soak up the magic.

    If you make it down there, close your eyes, breath it in, and lap it up. :-)

  8. Robby, I can't believe how much those views are filling the well, and it sounds as if you've been enjoying the beach in your part of the world too. Bribie Passage sounds gorgeous. If I were you, I think I'd been finding lots of excuses to have coffee at my brother's house!

  9. Oh, Michelle, I miss living by the sea! We used to have a place right across the road from the beach and I loved walking most days whether it was warm and calm or wild and windy.

    Don't laugh but I do think the sound of water running or moving is what I love the most about the beach and so I have a very noisy tropical fish tank. The sound of the water flowing always soothes me.

  10. Oh, Barb, I'm not laughing about your love of the sound of running water -- I think you're spot on. I've been thinking of getting one of those little water features for my study. I think it could be both soothing and enlivening.

    I can imagine how much you miss living by the sea, but it looks as if you're getting lots of gorgeous ocean views on your current travels -- enjoy!

  11. Gorgeous photos, Michelle! I have to drive to the beach, but I love living closer (I grew up in Brisbane where it was at least an hour's drive to the beach).

    I bet you get lots of story planning done on those walks!

  12. Rach, it's nice to be within a close distance to the beach. This might be more up your alley, perhaps, but we have a dog beach nearby too and it's always fun to watch the dogs frolicking in the water and so happy. :-)

    As for story planning -- I try to clear my mind and be very Zen on my walks. *Snort* Never happens, of course. However, on a side note, lots of people race down to the beach during their lunch breaks or after work and get discreetly (?) changed in the shelter of a car door. So, there's been the odd inadvertent inspiration for a hero or three. ;-)

  13. i'm planning to go to one beach in my country, Bali Beach :)

  14. Gorgeous pictures, Michelle! That storm is awesome! I love the beach too - especially the feel of sand between my toes (but not anywhere else! LOL) There's something so soothing and hypnotic about the ebb and flow of the waves.

    I had to laugh at your inadvertent hero inspiration! Mmm, shame I haven't got a beach nearby! ;)

  15. Hi Eli,

    Bali Beach sounds divine! When you go, I hope you have the most splendid time. :-)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Sharon, the storm was short-lived, but it put on quite a show. I love to watch a storm come in. That said, I do prefer not to be caught in it. :-)

    Ah, the hero inspiration. ;-) Believe me, I've done a couple of double-takes. Seems to me there's something about sun, sand and waves that makes people less...uh, prudish. See, obviously something for everyone at the beach. :-)