Sep 8, 2012

Sunday Smooch!

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Losing Control by Robyn Grady, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Losing Control by Robyn Grady ...

Taking charge comes naturally to workaholic media mogul Cole Hunter. That includes dealing with headstrong TV producer Taryn Quinn. Cole may not like her idea for a travel show, but Taryn intrigues him. Enough for Cole to join her on a location-scouting trip to an isolated Pacific island, despite the family drama at home.
Soon the tantalizing Taryn makes Cole forget about everything…except making love to her in the moonlight. But once reality intrudes, will he risk losing all he's worked for to keep this woman in his life?

( set up: Cole Hunter has invited himself along on his new producer’s location survey. Earlier they’d fallen into a close encounter of the kissable kind. Now, lying together propped against a sand dune in the moonlight and waiting for a nest of turtles to hatch, the mood changes...)   


When Taryn’s gaze dropped and grew distant, he asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“Muffin and her big belly,” she admitted.

In the mix of moonlight and shadows, she looked so thoughtful, Cole wanted to reach over and squeeze her hand for support, even if her concern was only over a cat.

“She’ll be okay.” Remembering her philosophy on strays wanting a home, he asked, “Have you got families picked out for the litter?”

“Are you interested?” She gave a playful smirk. “Oh, that’s right. Real men don’t own cats.”

“I do like the fact they can look after themselves. Independent characters.” He winked. “Like you.”

“There’s no better feeling than knowing you can make your own way in life.”

“So you don’t dream of marrying a rich man who’ll shower you with every luxury for the rest of your decadent life?”

“Guess you’ve met a few women who want to settle down with a wealthy tycoon stroke tyrant.”

He pretended to preen a tie. “Gee, you make me sound like such a catch.”

She surrendered to a smile. “To answer your question, no. I’ve never wanted to marry for money.”

He quipped. “Me either.”

“If you ever had the time to marry.”

“Perhaps I’d make time if the right person came along.”

When her eyes widened and suddenly neither of them had anything to say, Cole wished he’d thought before he’d come out with something that had sounded like a bad pick-up line. He didn’t use pick-up lines - good, bad or anything in between. 

She jerked upright and looked ahead. “Was that some movement?”

He glanced around. “Not that I saw.”

“Oh.” She reclined back, pulling the blanket extra high.

Cole exhaled. He really had made her uncomfortable. Best to let that thread drop and talk about something inane. Non-personal. But, truth was, he wanted to get personal. Whether it was the moon or the water or maybe even that delicious pink nectar, suddenly another twenty-four hours alone with Taryn didn’t seem long enough.

“Taryn, I didn’t mean to make you anxious.”

Still looking dead ahead, she shrugged. “Why would I be anxious?”

Oh, let’s try because you’re alone on a secluded beach with a man who is not only your boss but is also dying to kiss you.

“I’m not anxious,” she went on. “I’m not...anything.”

He mulled for moment.

“You’re not.”

She was winding her fingers deeper into the blanket, lifting the cover high around her neck. “Not in the least.”

“And if I were to do this?”

He leaned toward her but stopped a heartbeat before his mouth met the sweep of her neck...when she’d be able to feel the warmth of his breath on her skin. “Are you anxious now?”

He heard her swallow. “That’s not the word that springs to mind.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t worry about words.” Giving in to the spell, he breathed in her intoxicating scent then brushed his lips over a pulse that beat erratically at the side of her throat. He felt her quiver, almost heard her questioning her own resolve. But she didn’t ball him out. Didn’t move away.

Rather, still looking ahead, she lifted her chin and said, “I think we should go back.”

“Anything you want.” His lips brushed a line up to her lobe. Anything at all.

Her neck rocked slowly back. He imagined her eyes drifting shut...the hormones in her system heating and sparking just like his own.

Gently he turned her head until they were gazing into each other’s eyes, noses touching. She shivered, but not from the cold.

“Would it surprise you to know,” he said, “that I’ve always wanted to make love on a beach under a full moon with a batch of turtles ready to hatch?”

A smile touched her eyes. “What a coincidence.”

He twirled his nose around hers, stole a feather light kiss from one side of her mouth.

“Cole, when I said something might happen, I didn’t mean this.”

His hand on her arm, he brought her closer.

“I did.”

To be in the draw to win a signed copy of Losing Control, let us know the last time you were truly anxious! Going for your driver's license? Being interviewed for your ideal job? Or when you were about to kiss the man of your dreams?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from Bella's Impossible Boss by Michelle Douglas will be posted!


  1. I remember when I felt anxious about a project I had to do for an English class. I wasn't sure if the link to the project would work. It had to work, because I had to present it in front of the class. I got to school and startedd to panic a little. In the end, the project link worked, and everything was okay. It seems trivial, but at the time, it was a huge deal.

    Thanks for the Sunday Smooch!

  2. In a month I'll have to receive a permanent residence permit in Italy & I'm already worried. In my head I'm imagining what might go wrong & looking for the best way to resolve it. I need to calm down a bit :)

  3. Nice excerpt. It was starting the first day of school.

  4. Robbie, what a nice excerpt. Love the turtle background too - so different!

    Nervous - waiting with my parents for news from the specialist. Always nice to have that over.

  5. Alyssa, I know that kind of feeling too well. WTG on getting up there and making it happen! =)

  6. The entire process of when my 18-year-old daughter broke her jaw (while rollerblading). When she first walked in the door holding her bloody face, trying not to cry ... driving her to the hospital ... waiting in Emerg ... having to drive her an hour away to see a specialist right away ... sleeping on a chair in her room that night (eventually) before her early-morning surgery ... and watching her "get through it" with her jaw wired shut for 8 long weeks. Today, I can tell her smile is different (although no one else can), but she is alive, "looks normal", and things work properly, so I can't complain.

  7. (((Natalija))) Those possible scenarios spinning round and round in our head are the worst!
    I got nervous recently redoing and being interviewed for my passport. Apparently my headshot was too close; I explained I had it done at a postoffice, as suggested. Apparnetly my guarantor's signature varied from my husband's and youngest dd's applications; I explained it really was the same person. I felt like a criminal. I swear, I'm not ;)
    Good news is, our passports should arrive next week! Wish we were going to Italy =)

  8. Hey BN! I remember my first day at school too. I wasn't nervous arriving; I think I was excited. But I soon became anxious about our teacher, old Mrs. Finny.
    It's darn hard sitting with your hands clasped behind your back practically all day, but punishment was a ruler across the knuckles. My, how times have changed. Thank heaven!

  9. Annie, sounds as if the specialist's news cleared some concerns for you all. Such a relief.
    I've had specialist appointments with my dad (wonderful stepdad) recently. Although he still stands at 6 foot tall, he's looking more frail every day.
    It's nice to know we're around to help them now when they need it, isn't it =)

  10. Laney, my stomach was twisting, reading that! Perhaps that's the worst kind of nervous - when we're left to pray that our children will be okay after an accident or incident.
    When my oldest was perhaps seven, we were at the park and she was riding her bike down a subtle decline. Her shoelaces got caught in the pedal cogs. Her face hit the cement but thankfully no broken bones.
    I'm so glad your daughter's okay.

  11. Wow, Robyn, that's ot.
    Last time I was extremely anxious? Giving a workshop at conference and hoping I could give as good as everyone hoped for.

  12. Ooh, lovely smooch, Robbie. A moonlit beach...sigh. :-)

    Public speaking always makes me break out in a sweat. I thought I would die the first time I had to present a paper when I did my Masters. Thank heavens it's one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.

  13. Sue, I didn't know you'd done a workshop! Or was that in NZ? Either way, bet you were brilliant =)

  14. Michelle, ditto on the public speaking! But what a great reason to have to get up and talk =) Y'know, I'm half thinking of going back to uni - distance learning. But, there's time yet ;)

  15. A delicious smooch for LOSING CONTROL thank you.

    I get anxious whenever my daughter is unwell. This is someone who always gets Ill with a capital I. It then takes her forever to get back up on her feet. My maternal instincts work overtime.

  16. Thank you, Marybelle =)
    I know what you mean about worrying over children's temperatures and such. Waaay back, when my eldest dd was maybe a week old, she just wouldn't settle. I nursed her endlessly and ruggd her up extra warm. In the end I phoned my big sister to ask her advice and explained I thought I needed to take her to the doctor.
    It was the middle of winter, but my sister suggested I turn down the heater, unrug the baby a little. That worked. Trying to make sure she was snug and warm, I'd overheated the poor little thing. =/

  17. Robyn, what a gorgeous smooch! The turtles make it extra cute. :)

  18. Oh, I LOVE that smooch with the turtles hatching, Robyn! My kids have just found a river with hundreds of turtles, not far from where we're staying and have been feeding them bread.

    Anxiety is in my jeans, unfortunately. I remember making myself sick as a kid when I'd forgotten to take a library book back to school. Didn't put me off books, though!

  19. What a wonderful way to try to wake up. I love the smooch! I noticed The Hunter Pact flash on the cover. how long is the series and is it authored just by you?

    Last time I was really anxious was when our car blew a gasket. ended up having to junk it when we really couldn't afford to get a new one.

  20. I love the smooch Robyn. Gave me a nice warm feeling.

    Over the years I've had bits of anxiety... many having to do with work - having to reinterview for my own job due to job cuts while I was 1000 miles away on a pre-arranged reunion with my parents; teaching classes at work, making presentations to CEO, CNO, and others at the hospital I work.

    The worst though was having received a phone call telling me my dad wasn't expected to make it through the night and I was 600 miles away and couldn't get there until the next day. I was anxious the whole time making plane reservations, hoping the connecting flight wouldn't leave without me. I considered driving but it was January in Missouri and Nebraska, the 2 states I had to drive through, and that can be dicey...and it was still a 10-11 hour drive in good weather. When my sister-in-law met me I was afraid to ask if I was in time. Fortunately, fate was kind, my dad had rallyed when they told him I was on my way. I got some hugs and kisses that I will hold in my heart forever along with the knowledge I was there as he went to be with my mom.

  21. LOL Rachel, I thought you'd like the turtles!

  22. Barb, I'm like that too! When my oldest dd doesn't return her books on time, I get all edgy. lol

  23. Hey Kaelee! The Hunter Pact is my very first solo series for Desire. At the moment, I have four stories planned - but there's lots of room for more =)
    Re cars...many moons ago I had a Corolla that refused to be fixed no matter how many times I took it to the garage. One day it stopped in traffic. I was so over it, I simply got out and was going to leave it there. What else could I do? Luckily, a brawny truckdriver stopped and pushed it off the road while I steered. Man, I hated that car, although my next Corolla was a dream!

  24. (((Rita))) You've brought back memories. When we got the word that my dad (not my stepdad) didn't have long, the family bundled up in the car and drove straight down. We missed his passing by 10 minutes.
    I'd seen him a few days before. He had cancer and was drifting in and out of consciousness. The last thing I saw him do was look into my eyes and repeat the names of his four children.
    I'm so glad that you were there to say goodbye to your dad.