Aug 17, 2012

Who owns who? OR Have I become a slave to my cat …….

By Helen Lacey

A while ago I blogged about the newest addition to our animal family – a beautiful ragdoll cat – so I thought I would give an update on how it’s going. I’ve always been a horsey gal and dog lover and other than a few strays that have set up home in stables over the years or a ginger feral that used to hang out along the back fence, I’ve never really been into pets of the feline variety.
Until Oscar. (That's him upside down and asleep on the bed)

Since joining us he has well and truly made himself at home. If he’s not sleeping at the end of the bed, he’s fighting me for a spot on my office chair or sneaking into the garage to put kitty-kat paw prints all over hubby’s much adored show car. Now, I made a deal with hubby when we adopted Oscar, because he insisted that since I was the one who really wanted him, then I had to be the one who did the chores associated with owning an indoor cat. I agreed – I mean, how hard could it be to run around after one average sized Ragdoll?

Easy. Sure. I mean, the feeding and brushing and obvious kitty litter duties, it’s not so hard. In fact, it’s much easier owning a cat than it is a dog….. And it’s certainly MUCH less stressful than owning a horse (Or eight horses). So Oscar has settled in and I do what needs to be done. But over the past few weeks it has occurred to me that while I am devoted to this beautiful little fella – he’s not quite so devoted to me. Not at all like my dogs, who almost turn themselves into pretzels with excitement every time I enter the yard or take them for a walk. Even my horse Zeb gives a whinny when I approach. But Oscar . . . not so much. And I could happily accept that as the norm if it wasn’t for the extraordinary amount of attention and affection he gives to my husband. When I mentioned this fact with much despair to hubby he looked at me, smiled, and said “Oh, that’s easy, you’re his slave . . . And I’m his master.”

Slave? Is that what a feeder, brusher and cat poop pickeruperer equates to?  And the master thing? Imagine my reaction to that. But maybe hubby has a point. After all, it’s very apparent who Oscar likes the most.  

So, has anyone else had a cat with a superiority complex? Or do you have any tips on how to overcome this slave and master conundrum?


  1. Helen
    Oscar is adorable.

    When I was twelve, my brother brought me a Siamese kitten from the vet he was working for. Christy, was my cat for about 15 minutes, until she discovered my dad. It was love at first sight for her, tolerance for my dad.

    Christy, we believe, thought she was a person. She would sit in my mom's spot at the table if mom got up, appearing to think if she didn't meow, we'd feed her. She would patiently sit by a chair waiting for someone to give her something from the table (forbidden).

    She was our first strictly indoor cat. She had been declawed but that didn't stop her catching mice (we lived on a farm), chasing birds and climbing trees! She was very prissy and when we allowed her outside (on a leash so she wouldn't run away), if nature called, she would run to our door begging to be let in so she could use her litter pan. Then when finished,she would go back to be let outside.

    She snuggled with my dad whenever he sat or lay on our couch. Tolerated my mom and me, and since my brother had "abandoned" her when he brought her to us to live, ignored him when he visited.

    My family was fortunate enough to have Christy for almost 18 years. And as those years grew, she became more the ruler. She had her own section of the couch with a blanket on it that was "hers", she got chicken and bacon from the kitchen table, and when she didn't feel good, it was an immediate vet visit.

    Is there a tip to overcome the master/slave conundrum...just enjoy Oscar. Christy would snuggle with the rest of us, when dad wasn't around...but in the end we wouldn't have had it any other way. And those are some of the fondest memories I have.

  2. LOL Helen! What an adorable little traitor your Oscar is! It doesn't matter if you're "the hand that feeds", Oscar has "worked" out where he fits in and I suspect that's the end of the discussion as far as he's concerned! I think Rita's advice sums it up beautifully!

    The pics are so cute - though it took me a moment to work out that first one!

  3. Hi Rita
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I loved your story of your Siamese. Now I don't feel so left out. And I shall definately take your advice!

  4. Hi Sharon
    Yes, he is adorable and somewhat of a traiter :)I love that top picture too. And I must admit he is smooching up to me a bit since I returned from the conference last night. Apparently my hubby found him just a little 'needy' over the weekend lol.