Aug 10, 2012

True Olympic Spirit

by Robyn Grady

Where would the world be without competitive spirit? The need to work hard, hone goals and achieve our personal best!

In between finishing my current manuscript, I’ve fit in some Olympic Games and big time squeeing. Australians are winning Gold, including superstar Sally Pearson, taking out the Women’s 100m Hurdles. Simply. Amazing.

Leaves you feeling inspired to purchase those top notch Asics and hit the gym, doesn’t it? Or even just pay more attention to getting fit. Remembering your health. Including a healthy attitude.

I haven’t seen nearly enough of the Games, but what has struck me, perhaps even more than the incredible abilities and tenacity of so many, is the camaraderie between athletes. A sense of sharing in joys and feeling for other athletes' defeat.

The world loves a winner! But our heart goes out to participants who don’t give up and those who support them.

Life lesson: Work hard, try your best, achieve your dreams if you can…but remember your team mates, cheer their successes, help when and where you can. That’s what makes a true champion.

Press play, turn up the volume and prepare to be inspired. 


  1. Ah, Robyn-that video never fails to make me sob. One thing I've been hearing time and time again from the interviews with the athletes is how hard they've worked towards this- the hours, the sacrifices and to just actually be there is a huge achievement- so to win a medal must be truly amazing. It's a lot like writing - we set ourselves goals (publication/ a series/ a contract/ contest) and strive so hard to achieve them- we must never give up! Each rejection is a learning curve, each set back is another hurdle we have to jump- but each step forward is a step closer to gold!

    And you're SO right about team spirit- the romance writing world is filled with women who give so much generous support/help/advice- I, for one, would never have achieved anything without it.

  2. Truly and utterly inspiring, Robbie! I loved it.

  3. Robbie, that video made me cry! Beautiful. And the music is one of my favourite tracks (I saw Josh Groban sing it live a couple of years ago). I'll have to play it today and remember the video. Never give up!