Aug 3, 2012

At the movies

By Leah Ashton

A couple of weeks ago, my third book was accepted. Hooray! I'm awaiting release dates and a title, but it will be out sometime next year.

You may remember that this book is set on a film set - my heroine is a Production Coordinator, and my hero an extremely famous actor (who has gone seriously off the rails!). My sister works in film, so she was the lucky person who got to answer my zillion questions, and even read the whole manuscript to pick up any embarrassing mistakes. It was great to push myself out of my comfort zone and write about something I knew nothing about - even if working in film production doesn't seem *quite* as glamorous any more :)

Anyway - as I've been in my writing cave for months, I haven't been to the movies in ages! But, first on my list is the Australian romantic comedy Not Suitable for Children, which is out now:

My sister worked on this film (her first since arriving back in Australia from a few years in film in the UK) so that's one reason to see it (seeing her name in the credits never gets old!) - the second is that it's a romantic comedy, which I have no shame in admitting is my absolutely favourite movie genre.

(BTW, the fact the movie stars Ryan Kwanten doesn't hurt, either...)

Just before I dive into my next book, can you recommend any films you've seen recently? 


  1. Congrats on your 3rd book, that's fantastic news!

    I rarely watch movies but as I'm sick I've been catching up on my telly watching :) Just watched the first season of Mad Men! Would love one of those frocks for the RWA cocktail party ;)

  2. Love the look of that movie, Leah. I can't get enough of RomComs and it's been a while since I've seen a good one.

    Congrats on book three!

  3. Like you Leah,I'm way behind in my movie going. Will watch this post to see what others recommend. And like you, romantic comedy is my favourite.

  4. Joanne - That's no good you've been sick! Looking forward to seeing you at conference :)

    Barb - Not Suitable for Children has been well reviewed so far (David and Margaret gave it 4 stars) so I have high hopes!

    Sue - Yes, it's been ages since I went to the movies, Sue! Looking forward to some good recommendations :)

  5. I never seem to get to the theater unless it's a kids film (which are usually pretty darn good, anyway!) But I'd like to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter...which probably isn't your kind of thing Leah lol
    I do love rom coms though, the ones that make you cry at the end.
    Congrats on number threeeeeee!

  6. Congratulations on Book 3, Leah, how exciting!

    Oh, dear, movies -- it's been so long since I've been in a picture theatre I can't remember what one looks like. :-) But, a series I recently grabbed on dvd and that I love is Downton Abbey. If, like me, you didn't catch it on the telly, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of and watching it over several lazy Sunday afternoons just for the splendid characterisations.

  7. Yay for book 3, Leah!

    I can't help with a movie recommendation either! It feels like AGES since I went to the theatre. We're often so late getting around to going to see something that it's out on DVD already... so then we have an excellent excuse to go and buy it!