Aug 22, 2012

Travel all over the countryside...

by Emmie Dark

Hello from Singapore! August has been a big month of travel for me -- starting with a trip to Perth for work, a wonderful visit to the Gold Coast for the RWA Australia conference, and, now, a short trip to Singapore. I often joke that I'll do anything to escape Melbourne's chilly winter, but this is getting ridiculous!
Me and Hugh and Zoe
at Balthazar wine bar!  

Perth was a primarily for work, but my second SuperRomance, In His Eyes, hit the shelves while I was over there. (In His Eyes was the Sunday Smooch this week -- don't forget to check it out!)

And when your second book is released, what's a girl to do but to head out for some celebration?

I found a gorgeous wine bar called Balthazar and had a lovely chat with the wine waiter about my wine choices. He ended up bringing me something that wasn't on the list -- a Spanish something-or-other -- and it was delicious. Just the thing to toast Hugh and Zoe!

Then it was home for a few days before heading to the Gold Coast. There are plenty of reports on line from the conference (including my own daily blog updates) so I won't go into too much detail, except to say that it was an amazing time. The organising committee deserve a big glass of champagne and then a nice lie-down for all the hard work they put in.

We managed to get a few of the LoveCats (but unfortunately not all who were there) together for a portrait on the night of the cocktail party which had the theme of fifties glamour.

A few of the lovely LoveCats! (I hope Sharon doesn't mind me sharing the photo!) 
I flew home from the conference and had a few short hours to reacquaint myself with home (and wash the smalls) before heading back to the airport for Singapore. It's a work trip, but my sister, G, has joined me for a little holiday while I work. It's really lovely to have some company and she's absolutely loving it here.
G and I visited the foreshore food market
and then wandered around taking in the view
of the amazing Marina Bay Sands.
The light and sound show -- quite amazing! 

We've been pursuing most of the typical Singaporean delights - food and bars. :) But there's still plenty more to explore.

And G went to Little India today and had a gorgeous henna tattoo applied. I think I might want one of my own when the work stuff is done!

G's henna tattoo!
There's a few more days of work ahead for me, and then a couple of days rest. And then all my focus is going to be on getting book number three wrestled to the ground!

For those of you returning from RWA conference, I hope life has settled a little. And for those who didn't go away at all -- hope you are enjoying sleeping in your own beds! ;)


  1. Glad you had such a great time. This was a good read.

  2. Emmie, it was great to meet you in person on the Gold Coast! You lead such an exciting busy life. I love G's henna tatoo!
    It was a fabulous conference. Think I'm recovered now lol So many people to catch up with. Now I can't wait for Perth next year!

  3. Oh, Emmie, you jet-setter you! Am turning green with envy at all your recent adventures. The only saving grace is that I attended the Gold Coast conference and got to shmooze with you. :-)

    Am very sad, though, that I didn't make the LoveCats photo call (was too busy backing Eloisa James into a fountain) ;-).

    And Robbie -- YAY ON WINNING A RBY!!!

  4. Hi Lucinda -- thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Hi Robyn -- lovely to meet you in person too! It was a great conference, for sure. I think I'm finally recovered -- although I do have a sleep-in booked in for tomorrow morning!

  6. Michelle it was great to meet you, but so sorry you didn't end up in the photo! Still, it sounds like you were having fun... (?!)

    And an echo -- yay on Robyn winning a RBY!

  7. I'm totally green with envy too - and I didn't get to go to the conference :( Would have been so great to meet up with you guys! You've had the most awesome trip Emmie - yay you!

  8. I hadn't drank wine for years as my Indian life doesn't go down that way. But in Dublin recently, in my native Ireland, I got myself a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc and saved it up for a dull day back home in India. I downed a glass after lunch a few days back and enjoyed a wonderful sleep afterwards.

    Was that a waste of good wine, do you think?

  9. Emmie, what fun! Though I bet you'll be tired when you get home - I was tired just from the Gold Coast conference even without all the extra traveling afterwards.

    Love how the photo of you in front of all the wine reminds me of the In His Eyes cover with colours and theme. Perfect way to celebrate!

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