Aug 20, 2012

While the (Love)Cats are away...Louisa George

Psst...there's no one here but me. I'm all alone.

One cat has gone Greek, another's gone bush...and pretty much all the others are sunning themselves at a conference in the GC!

So what to do? The place is so quiet, we need to rock things up a bit! I've called a friend...

 No! Not that One!

THIS one...

But he called a few more friends, and a few more... and, oops there goes the crystal vase.

Maybe this party isn't going to go so well after all.

It reminds me of a friend's 16 year old son who had a party when his parents were away for one night. (Yes- the time they were 'testing' him...). He thought he'd done an awesome job of tidying up the place before they got back...but forgot to check the garden...where his considerate friends had stashed most of the empty bottles.

Or the time another friend's son was allowed to stay at home alone for the night and when his parents got home they had a call from the local cop shop- where their son had spent the night after a fracas outside his own party!

I have two teenage sons - I'm bracing myself for the fall out!!!

Personally I was always the sober one cleaning up... or doing the moves on the dance floor (I LOVED those 70s and 80s songs with actions! OK- I know- sad!). I was never arrested or in trouble ...oh, yes, apart from the time my friends came over and we had a food fight in my lounge......then there was that strange wedding I went to where the best man had arranged a stripper! A stripper at a wedding?!?Huh??

What about you? Any party nightmare stories to share? Or were you the one who was always in the kitchen at parties?

As I'm holding out for a few new friends to party with I thought I'd give a copy of my current Medical Romance release, Waking Up With His Runaway Bride to one commenter.

Rat Cartoon courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS
DJinConcert by ponsuwan


  1. I was the blind date for a friend's brother. It was his 21st birthday; I was 19 (and "legal" age). We went to a house party. I was the one - sober - cleaning up God knows what all over the bathroom all night. I didn't drive at the time and didn't pay attention to the street address, so I just stayed really late until my date sobered up. Never again....

  2. i have not any party nightmare story to share maybe because i'm prefer reading book then go to any party :P

  3. Hi Laney4! How brave of you to go on a blind date!! But your experiences of that party sound like a lot of my experiences!!

  4. Hi Eli! I agree- sometimes there's nothing better than to curl up with a book!

  5. I remember going to my first 'grown up' party when I was 12. I wore jeans - quite scandalous at the time. There was a lot of loud music & dancing & it seemed like half the school was there. It wasn't wild though, just loads of fun & very liberating. I think the key was - no alcohol.

  6. Hi Marybelle! I think you're right- no alcohol especially for young ones! Although I'm realistic enough to know that my boys will experiment...I'm just hoping they don't do it too much!

  7. Congrats on the book! No crazy stories to share.


  8. I must admit I know all the moves to "Saturday Night"! Despite being a bit of a square, I've been at parties that have been broken up by the police; I sprained both my ankles dancing in heels on my 21st birthday and just kept on dancing due to the wonderful numbing effects of alcohol; but one of the best things about parties is getting home and making tea and toast in the early hours of the morning and finding out who did what with whom!

  9. Hi bn100! Thanks for taking the time to read the blog!

  10. Hi Jo! One day you can show me the moves!! LOL!!! I hear you about the heels- I went to party on Saturday evening and danced all night- couldn't hardly bear to put my feet on the floor the next morning!

  11. I was usually the one in the kitchen too or off being quiet waiting for whoever I came with to decide if it was time to go home. One time, though I just had a feeling and told my friend that we needed to leave NOW! Found out, not 10 minutes after we left the place was raided.

    Another quick story on my brother and 2 of his friends who were staying the night. My parents had won a very large bottle of whiskey. It stood about 3 feet tall and was wrapped and under our Christmas tree. My brother's friends decided to have some in the middle of the night. They carefully unwrapped the package, then broke the seal on the bottle, took their drinks, then spent a long time matching the seal back up and rewrapping. They couldn't figure out, how my parents knew they had done it. Guess they didn't do such a good job rewrapping after all or hiding the smell on their breath!

  12. Speaking of 70s/80s music...I remember a work Xmas party. Brought my sister along and we danced together - with all the actions - to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. Sad part is that we weren't even embarrassed afterward!
    Missed you at the conference!

  13. I am usually the one in the kitchen helping to serve food and drinks. And cleaning up in between so that it does not become the job of the host alone as I hate people having to do everything alone !

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  14. And the winner of the giveaway is.....drum roll please...........Rita Reitz!!!

    Rita- congratulations! Please contact me by email on

    louisageorge32 (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll get a book in the post to you!

  15. Louise, I'm back from being away and I see the other cats are all back now too. So you're no longer the only Cat in the house. :)

    Congrats Rita on your win!