Aug 19, 2012

Sunday Smooch: In His Eyes

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today's Sunday Smooch is coming to you live from the RWA 2012 conference on the Gold Coast! There has been quite a bit of wine consumed over the past few days, so it's fitting that today we have a smooch from the vineyard-set In His Eyes by Emmie Dark.

But before we get into winery territory, the winner from Nikki Logan's Slow Dance with the Sheriff Smooch last week was Kylie Griffin! Congratulations, Kylie! Please contact Nikki by email - nikki (at) and she'll send you a copy of Slow Dance With the Sherrif!

In His Eyes: What if everything he thinks he knows about her is wrong? 

Hugh Lawson and Zoe Waters have a tangled history. But she left ten years ago and he's put her behind him. Except she's here again—just when Hugh's ready to make an offer for her family's legendary vineyard. And her version of those long-ago events is enough to make him question everything he thought he knew.

Hugh can't let the past destroy his plans for the future. Which means he has to unravel the truth. But as he does, he begins to realize that he may have been as responsible for what happened as Zoe. And that going back could be the only way to move forward.

And now for today's Sunday Smooch:

SET UP: Hugh and Zoe have been working together and, in doing so, some of the truths about their past together have been revealed. Zoe needs comfort -- and maybe something a little more...

Oh God, if only he could turn back the clock. “I would have. If I’d known—” His fists tightened in frustration. “I’d have been there before you could blink. I promise you. If I’d only…if I’d known…” With a frustrated, growling sigh, Hugh stopped himself as his voice rose with the accusation and hurt of his seventeen-year-old self. 

Zoe shrugged and her throat worked as she swallowed. 

She didn’t believe him, he could see that. The spark of anger somewhere inside him grew brighter. He could see it clearly now. Even once she’d been free from her aunt, she hadn’t tried to come back to him because she couldn’t bring herself to trust him again. Those few phone calls, the ones his father had intercepted, had only strengthened her conviction. Zoe Waters had never been able to believe that anyone could love her. Not even him, after everything they’d been through. 

That realization, the utter wretchedness of that fact, doused his anger. For now, his sorrow and sympathy overwhelmed all else. 

He stood up in a rush, ignoring the chair that tipped and fell to the floor with a crash. Zoe was in his arms a moment later, and he wasn’t sure if it was because he’d yanked her from her chair or she’d leapt there herself. It didn’t matter. 

All that mattered was holding her.

She shivered against him, and he tucked her head under his chin, pulling her closer, trying to make the memories disappear, again desperately wishing he had some kind of magic power that would enable him to change the past. 

They stood like that for long minutes, his arms around her, her head against his chest. She wasn’t crying, still hadn’t shed a tear. Zoe was motionless except for her trembling that every now and then built to a shudder. When that happened she’d push herself closer to him, as if she were escaping from something. Hugh pressed occasional kisses to the top of her head, but didn’t say anything. 

What was there to say? How could any words make up for what she’d been through? For what they’d both lost?

Her arms were trapped between them and she moved, pushing herself away a little, her hands rising to his neck. But it wasn’t until the cool air hit his chest that he realized she was undoing the buttons of his shirt. 


She pressed an open-mouthed kiss against the hair on his chest as she pulled his shirt apart. “Mmm?”

Her little tongue darted out to lick him before her hands moved lower and began opening the next button in line. 

“Zoe, what are you doing?” Even as his brain puzzled over her moves, his body responded. Her touch, her mouth, the tickle of her fingers against his skin as she popped each button through its buttonhole… His body strained towards her even as his every rational sense told him to pull away. 

“I should think that was obvious,” she mumbled against his skin, trailing kisses down his torso, moistening his skin with her attention with every button she undid. One hand skated down his body and she trailed cool fingertips, with the lightest of touches, over the front of his rapidly tightening jeans. 

“Wait.” Hugh grasped her wrists and took a step back. Her flushed face looked up at him and it was such a contrast from the pale, wan woman he’d just been speaking to he was almost shocked. “Are you seducing me?” 

She tried for a seductive smile, but it spoke more of desperation than desire. “Do you have a problem with that?” 

“Zoe…” His tone was a warning. He’d never before felt such powerfully confused desire warring inside him. Was making love now, after the conversation they’d just had, the right thing to do? Was it even vaguely appropriate? 

But he didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to walk out of here and have to deal with the mental ramifications of all he’d just heard. Didn’t want to think about it—any of it. 

Zoe’s expression turned pleading. “Please, Hugh. I need this. You…” She swallowed. “You made me remember it. Now you have to make me forget, make it go away again. You got what you wanted. Help me, please, I need this.” 

Perhaps she wasn’t the only one.

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  1. Wow. That was quite an excerpt. Thank you for sharing. (Fanning myself. Have I mentioned wow?)

    As for your question, I have a boring answer: white milk. It soothes my stomach and tastes good too. (I am soooo glad I am not lactose intolerant!) A few years ago, I would have said Pepsi, but I gave up all pop in Oct/10 (except when used as a mix in an alcoholic drink, but that doesn't happen very often - maybe three nights a year: New Year's Eve, Christmas Day, and a party).

  2. Nice excerpt. I like hot cocoa.


  3. Gorgeous smooch, Emmie!

    I'm a tea drinker, Earl Grey and I'm afraid to admit that I like it with milk. I also like Lady Grey but without milk.

  4. I am addicted to tea! It must be with milk, no sugar and not Earl or Lady Grey. Tea is my coffee!

  5. Thanks Laney! Glad you liked the excerpt! I've never been much of a milk drinker, but I can understand that it would be very soothing. As a kid I liked to drink it with Milo floating on the top!

  6. Thanks bn! Hot cocoa is a great choice.

  7. Sharon, I'm a tea drinker too. I like Earl Grey (without milk -- but I think it's okay with, too) but I find Lady Grey a little too strong.

  8. Hi Faith! Another tea drinker! I'm definitely in the right company here. I love a good cup of tea, although for me it has to be weak, and no milk or sugar.

  9. Nice excerpt, Emmie

    I love juicy :)

  10. Thanks Eli! Glad you thought it was juicy!

  11. I'm an earl grey tea girl with milk as well, no sugar. :-)

    Fab excerpt!

  12. Scorching smooch, Emmie! I'm a little in love with Hugh already.

    I like a tea, but Lady Grey, no milk, no sugar. Just the Lady Grey fragrance and flavour. Happy sigh. Emmie, if you find it too strong, just make it weaker - I have it when it's more a dark golden brown and you can still see the sides of the cup through the tea.