May 16, 2011

Reading: The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell
Listening to: Waves rolling onto the beach
Getting ready: To start chapter one of a new book,
always the best time.

I love flowers, big bunches of brightly coloured ones. One of the things I miss since living out in the Marlborough Sounds is being able to wander down to the Saturday Market in Nelson to buy my flowers for the week. It's a great way to follow the seasons too. My absolute favourite, the Dutch Iris, is coming into season right now.

Flowers are rays of sunshine on a dull day, a pick me up when things aren't going right, and more importantly, the perfect gift. I give flowers to people more than anything else. They show love, care, sympathy, and of course, romance. Not that I'm being romantic to all those people I send them to!

My husband thinks I'm nuts sending people flowers. "They don't last." But I say they put a smile on the face of the recipient, and a drop of warmth in the heart. They say someone cares about you. And my man should know. Not long after I moved in with him I sent him a bunch at work just because I could, to say Hi there, I'm in your life now. He owned a printing business along with another guy, and when these flowers arrived a sales rep and a client were there also, all good blokes, if you know what I mean. My "bloke" was apparently stunned, then, being him, a little embarrassed. Why hadn't I sent them to the house where these guys wouldn't have seen them? Then the sales rep told him, apparently very wistfully, that he'd been married nearly thirty years and never once had he been sent flowers. Suddenly my man admitted it was the coolest thing.

Note to self, put more flowers in my books.

Have any of you sent your man flowers? What was their reaction?


  1. That's so romantic, Sue. When I was dating I would never have had the courage to send flowers to a guy, and then I read a book called 'The Rules' that counseled strongly against such open declarations of affection. Don't want to seem too keen, they say! Now that I'm married I might just risk it, though, to see the look on his face.

  2. Sue, I'm with you! I adore fresh flowers - receiving and giving.

    My mother thinks they're a waste of money, but whenever I buy her some, they stay in their vase on the kitchen counter until every last leaf has dropped. It's the sentiment. The smile you get every time you look at them or remember.

    The other night my 9yo got out some of my old paintings (I'm not very good - just like to play) and there was a painting of one of the first bunches my dh ever gave me. Red roses sprinkled with glitter and an I love you sign sitting high above the petals.

    I wonder what he'd do if I sent flowers to his work!!

  3. Give it a go, Cody. It's fun and deep down I think our guys love it. Another good one is twenty helium balloons attached to a small rock delivered to his hospital room. They last a lot longer than flowers, but I still prefer the real thing.

  4. Robbie, you're so right. It is the sentiment. Do try sending flowers to you DB's work.
    My dad never sent mum flowers but then he grew them commercially and had five acres of irises bobbing in the breeze. He'd buy chocolate instead which mum didn't eat but dad loved.

  5. Hey Sue, I think I'll buy my man a bunch of flowers this week and see how he reacts!

    I've just been in Greece :) where it's all spring flowers and the poppies simply blew me away, especially their vivid contrast with the white marble ruins. I'm all set to see if I can grow them in Northland now.

  6. Hi Sue ~ I have sent a bouquet of flowers to my husband at work. It was quite a few years ago but he made a big sale and I sent flowers in congratulation. I asked for flowers that were unscented as perfumed flowers make him sneeze etc. Somehow the florist goofed and put Stargazer lilies in the bouquet. He phoned me from work and asked me if I would be upset if he put the bouquet in the reception area. Everyone really enjoyed them and he enjoyed them from a distance.

    We don't have kids but the cats and I quite often buy him an orchid plant on father's day.

  7. Lovely post Sue. Ironically the only time I got sent flowers from my husband was AFTER we were divorced! Your story is far more romantic!

    x Shar

  8. Looks like I've started a trend here.
    Zana, I like the sound of those poppies. They have stunning colours. Good luck with growing them.

  9. Hi Kaelee, yes, those lilies can be a bit tricky with some people. Especially around Christmas time when everyone seemns to have them.

    Shar, I think I'll stick to my story too. But at least you got some flowers.

  10. I love flowers too, Sue. Funny, though, but I hardly ever buy them. Am making note to self :buy more flowers:

    I'm one of the few who has sent her man flowers -- it was a kind of good luck, fingers crossed thing when he was going for a job interview (hence, they were sent to his house instead of the workplace). He got the job... and he kept the flowers forever! Hmm... maybe it's time I sent him more :-)

    Ooh, and I've gotta ask - you grew up on a flower farm?

  11. Michelle, glad you are a sender. And yes, I grew up on a flower farm. It started when my dad was away flying for a living and mum was bored on the farm after a busy career nursing - even with me as a baby! So Dad bought her a big box of bulbs to do something with and there began their whole future. My parents were the first to import Dutch Iris into NZ and we literally had acres of them. Yellow, blue, purple and white. I still remember the one year when the weather went crazy and instead of the flowers coming on slowly so they could be picked as buds they all came into flower within days. Absolutely beautiful but not very good for the financial side of things I guess.
    Sorry, rabbiting on here.

  12. Sue
    Wow! it must have looked beautiful. I love your posts. I will have to send my DH some flowers.

  13. Sue

    What a great idea I have never sent flowers to my man but I do love getting them on the rare times I do LOL

    Have Fun

  14. Sue! That sounds so wonderful. Brilliant story. I think you may have yourself a potential hero and heroine in that above anecdote.

    Off now to google Dutch Irises.

  15. I just asked my hubby if he remembers me ever sending him flowers (I couldn't remember!)He says no - but I'm sure I have once, or maybe I just thought to do it : )
    Goes to show what a romantic he is - not - he replied, 'don't send me flowers, they die, but send me a bottle of bourben and I'll be happy'. Men! : )

  16. Sue,
    What a lovely post. I adore flowers. At the moment my kitchen smells of roses, prickly things but well worth the scratches.

    I love it when daffodils are in bloom. They're just happy flowers that always make me smile.

    Great idea about sending men flowers, just because. Might just do that.


  17. I love flowers too! My man has buys me flowers. :) I remember talking about sending him flowers one Valentine's Day back when we were new. I think I said to him that I'd wanted to send him flowers at work but didn't to avoid the ribbing he'd get from the other men. And he said he would have liked it. :)

  18. Sorry I'm late getting back to everyone. Life.

    Helen, give it a go. You'll never know, your man might start sendig you more.

    Michelle, yeah, I've thought about the flower thing for a book but haven't got around to it - yet.

    La verne, you know my guy, and yes, truth, he'd probably agree with yours, but he did enjoy being made a fuss of. Don't we all, really?

    Sandii, my second favourite flower is the daffodil. It arrives in spring, along with lambs, and they spell new beginnings, happy things, bright colours, and a whole load of other things.

    Rachel, now you know what to do one dull day, brighten up your man's day. Not that you won't a few other things up your sleeve I'm sure.

  19. I'm late to pop in, Sue but I wanted to say I love your story about sending your man flowers! From the comments it looks like you might have started a trend... I might have to surprise my dh with a bunch!


  20. Hey Sharon, I'm sure you should surprise your man. Who0 knows what it might start.