May 14, 2011

And the winner is...

I love a good contest!

If we’re talking Downunder, the biggest and best is the Romantic Book of the Year Award, affectionately known as the RuBY. Past recipients include favourites Trish Morey, Marion Lennox, Anne Oliver, as well as our own fabulous Ruby Cats, Sharon Archer and Tracie Sommers. This year’s finalist announcements went out at 12.05 Tuesday am. The LoveCats have not one, not two, but – wait for it, folks - THREE nominees!

We are both pleased and very proud.

First up in the Short Sweet Category is the wonderful Michelle Douglas with The Cattleman, the Baby and Me.

Next in the Short Sexy Category is the talented Natalie Anderson with Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress.

And last, but by no means least, is a former RITA finalist, Emily May, in the Long Romance Category with The Unmasking of a Lady.

Winners are announced at the Romance Writers of Australia prestigious Awards Dinner, where the crème de la crème clasp their hands and hold their collective breath as the run of stellar announcements are made. Guests this year include classic Presents author Jane Porter, super agent Kristin Nelson, New York Times bestselling author, Susan Wiggs, and that’s only a taste!

The RuBY Awards themselves are, in a word, spectacular. I dream of setting one atop of my mantel. Hmm… Guess I’d better get a mantel first!

Do you love awards ceremonies? Have you attended any? If you could win an award, what would it be and who would you thank?


  1. Whoo Hoo congrats Ladies I am soo excited for you all and have my fingers crossed for you all.
    And yes I was at the R*by Awards dinner last year lucky me and had a blast I have also attended the last 3 ARRA romance readers awards dinners and truly I have loved every minute of being there.
    If I could win an award not sure what I would choose but I would thank my family and friends

    Have Fun

  2. Wow, that was a weird day with Blogger! I kept trying to comment all day but it wouldn't let me, then the whole post disappeared! I saw a comment from Helen on the original, but it didn't come back when the post did. Strange.

    But onto more important topics. YAYAY for Nat, Michelle & Emily!!

    I've read Emily's The Unmasking of A Lady - fabulous, *fabulous*! The heroine is a thief in Regency London but also part of the ton and the hero is trying to unmask the thief, not realizing she's been under his nose the whole time. It was fun and romantic and reading about the slums was a real treat.

    And I *adored* Michelle's The Cattleman, The Baby and Me. The baby Harry was gorgeous and our hero Liam was trying to do his best by his nephew Harry and by the heroine but it was so hard for him with his history. I'll never forget the heroine dancing around to ABBA. :) The whole book was beautiful!

    And the best news? I haven't read Natalie's Hot Boss, Boardroom Secrets, which means I have a treat waiting in store! Love, love to find new great books and this one will be great!

    Thanks for highlighting our R*BY finaling cats, Robbie!

  3. It was, indeed, a weird Bloggers Day! Thanks to Helen who got in just before the gremlins =)

    And isn't it exciting!! I can't wait for the big night to cheer our three on. Next year we should try for four out of four!!

  4. Hi Robyn

    I did post when this first came up but of course blogger decided to be bad for a couple of days LOL.

    I love awards ceremonies and was lucky enough to be at last years R*BY awards night at the same table as you and the lovely Rachel I had a blast and so wish I could be in Melbourne for this one. I have also been to The Aust Romance Reader Awards nights for the past 3 years and they are a blast as well.
    I am not sure what I would like to win an award for perhaps a good romance reader LOL

    Best of luck and huge congrats to Michelle, Natalie and Emily for this years awards
    Have Fun

  5. Helen! You're back! Wasn't it a fabulous night. Best RWA conference and Awards Night ever. I've heard the Romance Reader Awards Night is spectacular. Do you know where it's being held next year?
    I think a Romance Readers Award is a fab idea! Really something to think about...

  6. Hi Robyn!

    So glad bloggers all ironed out now!! *phew*
    I wish I could be at the table with you guys cheering Michelle, Nat and Emily on, but as you say maybe next year there will be four!! (And one with your name on it!)

  7. Happy dancing all over the palce for our wonderful cat representation. You girls are awesome. Even though I am not going this year - maybe I might just have to make it down for the awards night - just to cheer you all on. I remember last year with Sharon and I and how exciting it was. Go Ruby cats.

  8. Mel, you *must* come next year when it's in Brizvegas!
    Actually I think they ought to have a conference on the Sunshine Coast or maybe Gympie =)

  9. You're not coming, Tracie? :pout: Conferences just keep getting better, what with fabulous author days and evenings where readers can meet writers and get autographed copies. The workshops and wonder we're knackered by the end of the weekend!

  10. Helen, I remember sitting at the table with you last year too! One of the nice things about nights like the Awards Dinner is meeting new people - and as soon as we started talking about favourite authors, I knew I'd found a new friend. :)

  11. Hi Robbie -- thanks for this lovely post about the R*BY! I'm thrilled to have finalled, but also extremely nervous about the awards night -- I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

    I hope to see your name on the finalists' list next year. You'd better start building that mantelpiece!

  12. Em, you'd better get used to the nerves, the way you're racking up the nominations lately!!! Congratulations again. Onward and upward!!

  13. Aww, blushing here at everyone's kind words. Thanks for the gorgeous post, Robbie. Finalling in the RuBY has been the biggest thrill! :-)