Mar 20, 2011

Sunday Smooch

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife by Harlequin Romance author Liz Fielding, but first ...

the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is -- sheandeen (Nancy)!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife by Liz Fielding, out this month in the US in the 2-in-1 Becoming the Tycoon's Bride.

After a beautiful stranger discovers his long-lost heirloom under a floorboard, Sheikh Fayad al Kuwani swoops in to protect innocent Violet Hamilton. Now, with greedy enemies gathering, the only way he can keep her safe is to put her on his private jet, take her to his desert kingdom and…marry her!

[Prior to the kiss...

Violet Hamilton, having found a priceless khanjar hidden in her grandmother's house, has been whisked away to Ras al Hajar by Sheikh Fayad al Kuwani for her own safety. On arrival she presents the khanjar to the old Emir and finds herself tricked into a public declaration of marriage to the Sheikh. Her new husband is immediately declared Emir. She takes a dim view of the proceedings, certain that she has been used by him to gain the throne.]

‘Whatever happened to
your much-vaunted chance to say “no”?’ Violet demanded, kicking out in an attempt to free herself, furious. Hammering on his shoulders, his back. ‘I trusted you, but your words are worth nothing, Fayad al-Khalifa. I gave you your khanjar and you used it to buy your country. Used me to buy the alliance of the Sayyidi.’

‘Will you just listen to me!’ he thundered. Forget calm. Forget quiet reason…

‘Oh, that’s right. Shout. The male answer to everything.’

‘Violet, this isn’t helping –’

‘It’s helping me.’ She lifted her head, looked down at him. ‘So, your Emiri Highness? What happens now? I’m supposed to go away and get swaddled in veils, is that it? Sit on the white sheet and wait for you to come and unwrap me?’

So intent was she on making her point that she’d forgotten to struggle and with a nod to the driver, he bundled her into the back of a waiting limousine.

They were cut off from the world, even from the driver, who was hidden behind a darkened wall of glass, but Violet was not frightened.

She was furious.

She’d given Sheikh Fayad everything he wanted. Fallen for all that fake sincerity. Believed him.
And here she was with a man – a virtual stranger -- who’d tricked her into marrying him. Sitting in his lap, his arm around her, his breath warm against her hair.

Fight. She’d fight…

‘You’d better be wearing body armour!’ she warned.

And without warning Fayad laughed. How dare he laugh at her… ‘I’ve married a cat,’ he said. ‘I’d always heard that Sayyidi women fight like tigers.’

‘I’m not Sayyidi. I’m Hamilton…’

‘No, you’re not, Violet. You’re mine. You’ll always be mine…’ And he kissed her, not gently. Not to distract her from some painful moment, but like some desert lord who, having captured a prize, aroused by the chase, was determined on making her his.

And that he was aroused she was in no doubt.

But that was his problem, not hers.

Her problem was that, as his kiss became deeper, the satin pleasure of his tongue giving rather than taking, it was not him she was fighting, but her own body’s shockingly urgent response.



She felt hampered by far too many clothes. The long skirt, the thaub were encumbrances, not just holding her down but keeping them apart. She wanted freedom to move, wanted to feel his hand, his hot mouth upon her skin, upon breasts tight with need. Wanted him to sooth the heavy, yearning ache between her thighs.

She wanted, she discovered with a jolt of understanding, to be blissfully, and repeatedly … overwhelmed.

To be in the draw to win a signed copy of Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife (in the 2-in-1 Becoming the Tycoon's Bride), simply tell Liz what it is about a sheikh romance that you love!

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad by Medical romance author Sue MacKay will be posted!


  1. For me a Sheikh romance is an adventure into another world and another country and for the most part they are strong alpha heros and I love me some strong alpha heros LOL.

    Loved the excerpt this is one I really want to read

    Have Fun

  2. What Helen said is so true. Sheikh romances are like exotic adventures into another culture.

    And this excerpt is so intriguing. I'd definitely love to read CHOSEN AS THE SHEIKH's WIFE!

  3. Liz, thanks for visiting us at the LoveCats, and especially for sharing that scorching kiss. The whole scene was just rippling with gorgeous tension, so I popped over to your site and read the opening scene as well. Drew me straight in!

  4. Hi Liz -- and welcome to LoveCats! It's lovely to have you visit us today!

    The appeal of the sheikh romance? Like Helen, I like the strong alpha hero and the exotic location. A sheikh romance is much more of a 'fantasy' than a CEO/tycoon romance.

  5. Ooh, Liz, I loved that kiss! And frankly the way Fayad kisses Violet captures exactly what I love about Sheikh romances -- there's something elemental and oh-so exotic about them. Sheikhs seem a tiny bit dangerous (in all the best ways :-) )

  6. Thanks for the welcome, Rachel and Emily. It's great to be here, especially to share that special moment in Violet's story.

    The thing I especially love about writing a sheikh book is that they are so alpha, they can do just about anything with the click of their fingers. They fly about in personal jets, have gorgeous cars, fabulous wealth, but they still have the same emotional landscape as the rest of us, and that makes them human. A gift. :)

  7. Hi Helen - a hurting alpha is at the heart of every great romance. Darcy, Rochester are the archetypes.

  8. Hi Nas! Love the other culture - I lived in the Middle East for a while - and also the fantasy. It's the Arabian Nights for sure.

  9. Hi Liz, I think you summed it up when you said it's the Arabian Nights - definitely lets the imagination run wild!

  10. Sheikh stories have the exotic appeal of fragrant gardens, perfumed air, moonlight and a vast array of stars, beautiful women and the TDH alpha male. What's not to like? And your sheikhs always manage to produce just the right blend of alpha strong and gooey, warm marshmallow center.

  11. Oh I think it's the mystery and unknown since I don't know much about shieks (and they sound powerful and sexy). I've enjoyed Liz's books and what a great excerpt. Patricia would be a new author for me!

  12. It's the gooey, warm marshmallow center that sheandeen describes combined with the exotic element and a trace of danger that make the sheikh stories for me. I've read stories where the H was just too, too..., but yours are just right!

  13. Thanks so much, JV. I love the alpha thing about sheikhs, but I don't do the really outrageous ones! :)

  14. Sheandean! The gardens are special for me, too. And the stars in an environment untouched by light pollution. There is a drama about the desert that is magic.

  15. Catslady - powerful, sexy men will do it every time! I've heard lovely things about Patricia's story and the minute I've finished revisions on my Italian book I'll be reading it.

  16. I have to agree with everyone else - it's the excitement of reading about another world. It's the modern thinking that the heroine will be treated in modern standards not how they used to be... it's the making a difference to a completely differnt culture and I guess that the Heros are always just so strong and loyal and once their heart is one that's it for life (unlike the 10 wives our real life shieks have) and above all - they are always TALL DARK AND HANDSOME xox

  17. Thanks for dropping by, Tash.

    Absolutely agree. The "sheikh" romance is a fantasy - the total rush of being swept away on a black stallion. Rudolph Valentino rather than the real thing.

    No different from the average "tycoon" romance in fact. Just substitute the robes for a Saville Row suit, the horse for a Rolls.

    Neither group holds up terribly well in real life - sheikhs or tycoons, which is why we have to invent the ones that we could fall in love with. :)

  18. Making a "LateCat" appearance to say, Liz, it's so cool to have you visit the LoveCats with your gorgeous smooch!

    To me, sheikh romances are all about the fantasy of a wildly exotic location, a strong, untamed hero, flowing robes, gorgeous horses and that spice of danger. Wonderful between the pages of a book! (happy sigh)


  19. oh I posted a comment ages ago and just read back and it's not there =(((
    Thanks for dropping by Liz, that smooch was simply divine!
    And I LOVE sheik stories =)