Mar 17, 2011

Lovecat: Tracey O'hara

Please raise your glass and give a warm, fuzzy welcome to fellow Lovecat, writer friend (and conference roomie) Tracey O’hara, whose 2nd Dark Brethren novel is set to be released April 1st in Australia.

Tracey, can you give us 5 words to describe Death’s Sweet Embrace?

Dark. Rejection. Love. Retribution. Family.

Christian and Antoinette feature in your first Dark Brethren novel, Night’s Cold Kiss, do they get to make an appearance in Death’s Sweet Embrace?

Yes, although Christian is only in the book briefly, Antoinette has a fairly major and active role in DSE and she is even more kick ass than ever.

I loved Antoinette. What is her role this time around?

She is learning to use her new powers and revelling in the way she can now hunt and kill her Dreniac enemies.

Tell us a little about your main characters in this book?

Kitt is a doctor. Though she has been a medical examiner for the past several years, dealing with only death, she still has a healer's instincts.

Raven is a very hot and dangerous man. He’s a past member of a secret covert black ops team and an assassin. But he cares deeply for Kitt and the twin daughters they share from an affair they had 18 years earlier.

Lots of deep conflict with Kitt having to leave behind her daughters?

Yes in her grief over her husband’s murder, she didn't know how to protect them and thought sending them away was the best way. Emmett was her husband in name only, but he was her best friend and her protector. They kept each other’s secrets.

I've been lucky enough to read some of your WIP, (future book 3) and loved it! Do any of the DSE cast make a comeback?

Yes - we will see a few. Of course there are the old favourites - Oberon and Antoinette. Though they only play a cameo this time. Sin’s Dark Caress mainly concentrates on the two main protagonists. There is a lot going on for them.

Tracey, you work full time, you’re a wife, mother and housekeeper, where do you find the time to write?

You really have to make the. It can be very tough juggling everything and sometimes you drop a few balls. But you have to pick them up again and keep juggling.

Thanks Tracey, I am really looking forward to book 3 of the Dark Brethren! Tracey also writes deliciously hot, erotic shorts for Spice Briefs as Tracie Sommers.

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  1. Hi Tracey

    I so loved the first book and am really looking forward to reading the second one and then a 3rd whoo hoo.

    Catch ya at Bondi Tracey

    Have Fun

  2. Woohoo, Tracey, on the imminent release of DSE! (And woohoo for that R*BY award I see you clutching! May you win another one for DSE!!)

  3. Congrats Tracey!
    And *wow* I love that trailer =))

  4. Hey Tracey

    The forthcoming book sounds very cool. Great work and here's looking foreward it.


  5. Not long to go now, Tracey! Can't wait! Awesome trailer! And I love your titles and covers - impossible to go past!


  6. Tracey, I LOVE your titles! Congratulations on the imminent release of DSE -- can't wait to grab me a copy.

  7. Tracey! Can't wait till April and the chance to devour your latest. Isn't the cover gorgous!!

  8. Sorry Guys - busy with moving and stuff. Meant to come back. You are all so sweet.

  9. Tracey, I can't tell you how excited I am about the second Dark Brethren book coming out! Love the cover, love seeing your name there, love that the world can read your stories. =)

  10. Yay for Death's Sweet Embrace upcoming release in Australia!! Though I have to admit mine is already on the TBR shelf care of The Book Depository (I love that place!)