Mar 21, 2011


Reading: The Girl in the Picture - Denise Chong
Listening to: the birds waking up
Watching: the day get started in our bay

This year I'm trying to hold onto summer for a lot longer than it intends staying. I love all the seasons but this year I would like a bit more of the sunny days on the deck. We have a large deck that for about four months becomes an outdoor lounge where we eat all our meals, entertain friends, barbecue, and have the occasional party.

The sea is cooling down making kayaking a wee bit chilly around my bottom but the water is so calm that I still head out whenever I can. Soon we'll have ice on the roads and fog lurking at the edges of the bush. The wood pigeons will head elsewhere, the dog will lie ever so quietly on his bed in case we notice him and send him outside. But on the plus side of those cold months is lighting the fire and curling up with a good book. Or a glass of wine and a good man - my good man.
Put it that way and maybe I can let go of summer after all. Of course we're really mid autumn now but I'm pretending otherwise. The temperatures have helped me here. And when I get fed up with winter there's spring to look forward to - daffodils and lambs.
Definitely prefer summer.

My second book PLAYBOY DOCTOR TO DOTING DAD is out now in the UK and will be downunder in April. Guess what? It has a summer setting. I have a copy to give away to one blogger today. Tell me about your favourite season.


  1. For me, March is definitely the best month though I'm not sure if it's late summer or early Autumn. The sea is still warm up here, Sue :) and I am having the most wonderful daily swims. The evenings are finally getting cooler which helps with sleep. There's a warm, contended, Sunday Afternoon stillness that seems to linger all through the weekdays too.

    Well done on your second release. Really looking forward to reading it.

  2. Hey, Zana, yes, the days are very still, aren't they? And so quiet that the birdsong is very clear at the moment. A great backdrop to be writing against. Not getting a lot done.

  3. Living in Queensland, the summers can be quite hot and muggy, so my favourite season is spring (which might be about the same as your summer over there?).

    It's not too hot, not too cold, flowers abound, and there's an air of promise, or expectation.

    Looking forward to Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad - I'll watch the shelves in April. :)

  4. Ah, yes, we are entering spring and you are entering fall. We are looking forward to those long lazy hazy days and you are watching them slip away.

    I look forward to reading your book, but will it release in the US?

  5. I have to say Winter! My Winter is spent in Auckland so i only have to put up with pelting rain... but it means lots of snuggles, lots of yummy comfort food from the crockpot after work, you dont have to be anywhere as much in the weekends, you spend your times shivering on the sidelines with kids sport AND Shortland Street in on for an hour on Monday nights! Winter Duvets come out... you can wear your boots to work, it doesnt matter if the aircon doesnt work and overheats lol, I can bring out my CHIEFS scarf and rub up the BLUES supporters at work the wrong way... I can read m&b more... red wine... oh I LOVE winter! :)))

  6. Wow, Tash, you definitely are a winter girl. But I do enjoy a lot of those things you mentioned too.

    Rach, our summer isn't a patch on yours. Thank goodness. I like it very warm, not cooking hot!

    Nancy, if our fall was like those in the north USA and Canada then that would be my favourite season. The colours of the trees are stunning.
    My book is a medical so only available in your part of the world via Amazon and Harlequin.

  7. Oh, Sue, I'm an autumn girl and April is probably just about my favourite month. Although it is officially autumn now, the temperatures are summer temps and the humidity is still ghastly. So I'm awaiting Autumn with bated breath.

    And I shall definitely keep an eye out for Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad next month!

  8. Michelle, you might miss autumn altogether and go straight to winter. Darn.

  9. I'm from Canada so right now I am waiting for spring as I am so tired of snow. My favorite season is the fall when I can eat fresh produce from the garden, hike among the colorful trees, and start to make oven roasted vegetables again.

  10. Autumn! Sunny days, leaves turning colour, cool nights ... I love it!

    Congrats on the release of Playboy Doctor, Sue!!

  11. Sue, it is spring hands down!! The nasty cold weather is *hopefully* a distant memory and the earth is coming alive again.

    Can't wait to see this book on the shelves :)

  12. Hi and congrats on the new book, Sue!

    I'm a springy kinda girl. I love the vibrant colours, the spring flowers (mmm, the fragrance!), bright new leaves (I work under a giant old oak tree that is atm constantly dropping acorns on the tin roof - now I know how Henny Penny felt!) - and most of all, new life. How could resist baby lambs, gangly foals, and fluffy chicks? I'm a sucker for baby anythings, especially baby animals! And it's not too hot or cold. Oooh - and daylight saving kicks in. L-O-N-G nights to play in!!! The beach beckons but without the heat of the summer...

  13. Emily, you must be in heaven right now then with autumn here.
    Kaelee, I have one whole album devoted to photos of trees in fall which bores everyone but me.
    I'll be lookin forward to spring as soon as daylight saving switches off in a couple of weeks time, Anita.
    Hey Clare, do you write about those bby animals in your books?

  14. Autumn is my favourite season, Sue, and this year it's just perfect. We've been getting a little treat with some lovely warm still days. And because of our wet, wet summer this year, everything is still green.

    How exciting that your second book is about to make it's appearance on the shelf DownUnder!


  15. Sharon, I can understand why you're happy with autumn after the atrocious summer you had. And yes, the second book is as exciting as the first.

  16. Where I live the weather changes only slightly the whole year around. And you can go to the beach and can expect warm sun all the time! So it's perfect.

    Congratulations on PLAYBOY DOCTOR TO DOTING DAD, Sue. Definitely will be on lookout for it.

  17. Sue

    My favourite season is winter LOL I do so love curling up with warm clothes and a good book I seem to relax a lot better in winter than in summer and I sleep a lot better as well

    Have Fun

  18. Sue, congrats on the release in the UK!! I must say I love this time of year. April, actually. I don't know if it's because Easter was such a magical time when I was young. There's just something wonderfully crisp and 'possible' in the air.