Mar 28, 2011

Random, unprovoked self-promo

A blog post in two parts
by Nikki Logan

Part the Firste

A very special book hits shelves in the UK next week—the first category romance I ever wrote. This book won me the attention of Harlequin Mills & Boon editor, Kimberly Young, who went on to become my first editor after she selected my manuscript as winner in a competition. This book boosted me over the 'slush pile' and onto her desk although, as it happened, she went with my second as my debut and I did revisions on this one to make it suit the Romance line.
So for me it’s very special. Honor and Rob falling in love will always be my first-Harlequin-love and I really, really liked them as ‘people’.

Not sure when this will come out in the US or Downunder (RIVAs launch in the UK first) but I’ll be sure to let you know. AVAILABLE IN E-BOOK or PRINT right now from

Part the Seconde

Pretend for a moment that we’re having this conversation in early January instead of late March J  I’m someone who believes that Christmas is a time for family and for putting yourself first and, as such, I really don’t like to be on a book-deadline over that time.  But I also don’t like to just stop and lose momentum and so over the Chrissy break just gone I set myself a new challenge—to make a book trailer.

Now I will put up my hand to say that I’m not really a fan of the book trailer as a sales tool for the actual book. And I think a poorly constructed trailer actually undoes all the work of the perfectly constructed book. But—with a decade of experience in the ad trade in a past life—I’m totally for them as author awareness/branding tool. I also didn’t want to have to make a trailer for every one of my books because who has that kind of time!!

So, I decided to make a trailer that could just tick along behind the scenes and slowly get around. I wanted it to say ‘Nikki Logan’, I wanted it to be professional and I wanted it to reflect my nature-based focus.

Here’s the end result. I hope you guys like it.


PS: My book trailer goals are to make one as clever, brilliant and memorable as the one on YouTube for Sense & Sensibility and Seamonsters. (Go ahead, google it. You absolutely won’t regret it J) Let me know if you know of a trailer as worthy, I love to watch the good ones.


  1. I love your trailer, Nikki! And the one for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is fabulous -- one of my favorites.

    And since you asked, I'm also rather partial to Ilona Andrews' "sort of" trailer for "Magic Slays" *VBG*


  2. I've just started to roam the web a bit so haven't seen many trailers. I do like yours though. It's very tasteful with a bit of a tease in it.

  3. Hey Nikki - I'm so impressed. Clever woman blazing paths for luddites like myself. Lovely scenery, lovely humour. Here's hoping book sales soar.

  4. Nikki, my 'puter is misbehaving tonight so I can't watch your trailer or the S & S & Sea Monsters one. But I did see your trailer a wee while ago and it's fabulous! Very clever!

    And isn't it great that your extra special first book is now out! Fingers crossed that it does get on to the shelves DownUnder!


  5. Nikki, you know I adore this trailer, and now I have a phone with the internet, I've been showing it to various family members (who are also suitably impressed!).

    I remember when you were first writing Shipwrecked With Mr Wrong - can't wait to read its final incarnation (which I have right here beside me)!

  6. Maree - that is beyond hilarious!! I loved it! Thank you. 'Do you know how much iStock charges for a man with a face?' - bwhaahaa. I can so relate. (a lot is the answer, and usually the faces aren't that crash hot).

    I bet that trailer sold more books than a serious one would have.

  7. Kaylee - thank you. I'm very happy with 'tasteful tease'. Exactly the right mix.

  8. Zana - I think any points I got for not *being* a luddite I just lost for not knowing what it meant. LOL.

    Sharon - try and look for S&S&S one day when you're at a computer with some grunt. I just laughed and laughed... (tho I'm quite late discovering it)

    Rachel - hope you really enjoy Mr Wrong in his final incarnation. Save it for a cold, gusty night and you can escape to a tropical paradise... And if you thought you went mad for bunnies you wait until you meet the turtles! Oh, they're in my Smooch next week (kind of), you'll love them!

  9. Wasn't able to view the trailer last night, but saw it in all it's wonderful, feel-good, technicolour glory this morning, Nikki. It's fabulous!!

    Love the title Shipwrecked With Mr Wrong -- and love the fact that it's your first ever category romance! I look forward to reading it :-)

    (Oh, and thanks for the heads-up about the S&S&S trailer -- very funny!)

  10. Oh, Nikki, it must be wonderful to know your first romance is going out into the world. I can't wait to read it!

    Very impressed by your trailer too, BTW. Gorgeous and evocative.

  11. Loved that trailer too Nikki, everything about it =)

  12. Congrats Nikki with the release of your first category written book! So glad to see it hitting the shelves at last. I remember reading snippets but have yet to see the final book, so looking forward to it.

    I love your trailer - it is very you! :)