Oct 27, 2010

Werewolf: A Brief Overview


The winner of Carnal Moon or any backlist title is Cass Green! Let me know which book you'd like Cass and I'll send it to you ASAP. Happy reading!!


What I'm reading:
Poison Kissed by Erica Hayes
What I'm listening to: Planets by Shortstack
What I'm watching: The Block
What's making me smile: Release day for Carnal Moon!

A Werewolf or Lycanthrope (often shortened to Lycan) is a wolf-like paranormal/mythical creature, which is said to have existed throughout much of history, most notably Europe. A werewolf is a person with the ability to shapeshift into said wolf-like creature, a transformation that most often occurs with the appearance of the full moon.
They are noted for their superhuman strength and senses, and in many novels and hollywood movies, often for their indiscriminate killings.

It is said that drinking rainwater from a werewolf's footprint can pass the 'affliction' onto an ordinary mortal, other beliefs state sleeping outside on certain summer nights with the full moon shining directly on the face, will bring on lycanthrope. Of course, in most fiction, generally a non-fatal bite or deep scratch wound is all that is needed to bring about the change.
Unlike vampires, religious artifacts don't repel or kill a werewolf. A silver bullet is said to kill a werewolf, and in some legends, wolfsbane is an effective deterrant.
Maybe a bolted door with shuttered windows would do the trick??

Has anyone read any great werewolf books lately? What worldbuilding rules did the author set for the characters?
I'm giving a copy of CARNAL MOON or any one of my backlist e-books to one commentator =)


  1. Michele Hauf's 'Moon Kissed'. She finally does a story about Severo. It's based in the 'real world'. Werewolves are mainly enemies with the vampires and there is a secret war between the two and other factions. The werewolves take themselves outside the city limits during the full moon and stay away from humans (who they can sense) to protect themselves (otherwise humans might hunt them). They are still man shaped, but hairier and bigger (and sexier as it turns out).

  2. Rebecca York has a series with werewolves starting with KILLING MOON. There's about 8 so far. I like it because of the alternate universe link, so not only are their human werewolves but aliens too!

    Jordan Summers writes a futuristic paranormal romance series about Gina Santiago, a female werewolf heroine, a law enforcer and lives in a society where paranormals - werewolves, vampires etc. - are hunted down and eliminated. The conflict is she doesn't know she's a werewolf. The first book is called RED and it's an ongoing heroine/hero story. The other two books in the series are SCARLET & CRIMSON.

  3. Hi Cass,
    I'll have to check out this Michele Hauf series - sounds fantastic! =)

  4. Kylie!
    Oh wow, another one to check out - love the alien cross werewolf idea!!
    and Red, Scarlet and Crimson are some more to check out =)

  5. Mel, I was going to say that I hadn't read any were-stories for a while but then I remembered that I've read two that I thoroughly enjoyed in the last couple of months.

    Stephenie Meyer's "New Moon" about a month ago. Mmmm, I'm wondering if I might be a closet "Team Jacob" person!

    And then there was Tracie's lovely wolf in "Blame It On The Moonlight"!


  6. And, Mel, I meant to say - Happy Release Day for Carnal Moon! The cover is fab - very moody!

  7. Hey Mel,
    I just have to add these (I can't believe I forgot them!)
    Kresley Cole's: A Hunger Like No Other, Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night and Kiss of a Dark Prince. All about werewolves and my vote for the best wolf stories ever!

  8. Sharon I enjoyed New Moon, quite enjoyed all the series. And I am *most* definately team Jacob!!!
    And thanks for the congrats =)

  9. Cass - some more goodies!! I thnk my all time favourite would be Kelley Armstrong's "Bitten"

  10. Haven't read a werewolf book for ages, Mel! I've enjoyed Patricia Briggs, and also the early L K Hamilton ones.

    I love the myth about drinking rainwater from a werewolf's footprint! Might have to use it in a book...

  11. Emily, you're missing out!!
    We best be careful from where we drink =)

  12. Oh, dear Mel, the last book I read that had a werewolf in it was from the Harry Potter series.

    Loved your definition of a lycanthrope with all it's mythology. Perhaps I should be expanding my reading horizons a little more :-)

  13. Hi Michelle,
    I had to ask my daughter about the werewolf in Harry Potter, could not remember there being one!!!
    Glad to hear I made your TBR pile maybe even bigger now, with lots of werewolf books! LOL

  14. Hey Mel :)

    Carnal moon sounds exotic ;) and I'd surely love a chance to read that..

    My first wolf encounter was in Harry potter, and with Lupin turning into a were, I felt.. "ouch", instead of awed when I watched the movie after reading the book of course! and well..what do you know.. I was hesitant to pick up a wolf story after that.. .

    But a dear friend and a lovely CP sent me a bunch of books (via international shipping) for new year gift..and there lay a sparkling new Bonnie Vanak's book - Immortal Wolf. And as usual, once I started, I couldn't stop. The way the wolves have their code and culture..and how they change to a new being - morphs if they harm a fellow wolf with malicious intent.. Man..the world building was awesome.. And then came in vamps vs wolves and I kind of got hooked to wolf stories ever since :)

  15. Oh your CP sounds so wonderful!
    Bonnie Vanak has some Bites out too =)
    I haven't read Immortal Wolf, sounds like a recommendation!! =)

  16. Yep, she is and I adore her for that :)

    And I'm sure you'll enjoy Bonnie Vanak.

  17. Thanks Ju,
    I will definately check her out! =)

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