Oct 23, 2010

Caturday Fun

A Bad Cat Day

The link to this came from the gorgeous Cathy. Thanks, Cathy!

The thing I love about this clip, is that cats aim so high. Sure, they fall sometimes, but the reason they're such a spectacular species is they think they can do things that other species don't even attempt. Go, cats!!


  1. I know! I felt bad for the cat being dragged into the bath, but my cat used to come out with all claws flying when I used to try and bath him, so that was a well-behaved cat. Loved the cat at the end with the dog. =)

  2. Oh I can SO relate to the cat walking gracefully... right off the edge of the table!

    This had me rolling on the floor -- thanks Rachel and Cathy!

  3. Such a good laugh, Rachel and Cathy! Thanks!