Oct 27, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name Tomasina. Although my female owner thinks I’m a female, I’d wish she’d just use Thomas, like her DH.

Abode: I really haven’t one. You see I got lost and huddled against a doorstep when the dogs were after me, and this strange creature took me out into her backyard. Well, I couldn’t complain could I. Heaven is not only in a chocolate.

Human Slave; No. human amusement. You should get go of her face when she comes close to me. I pretend it’s ever so attractive, with those large round domes centered above her talking device, but I guess a frog like me shouldn’t complain.

Likes: The new swimming pond of red they have so obviously provided for me. It’s sanctuary.

Dislikes Urgh!! When those creepy human fingers stroking my head and back. I sit there like some jackass, and pretend to be the totally gorgeous frog she thinks I am.

Ambition: To get the hell outta here and find something that resembles my species.

Sociable or Aloof: Very sociable. Why do you think I sneak out at night, and occasionally stay over?

Night Owl or Early Bird: Night, definitely. It’s alive with almost every type of liquor insect I desire.

Favourite Pastime: Well, seeing I’m a male in disguise we won’t go there. Sleeping I guess for now.

Favourite Toy: I haven’t got one.

Best Friend: I’m looking for her.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on. Claws… what are they?

Most embarrassing moment

Oh when I skipped up the steps after being away for two days, and got a lecture. Oh, and get a load of this. She said I’d been bad, where did I go, she missed me. My head aches. I just needed water so I flopped into my red pool while she told me I wasn’t going to have anymore sleepovers. Life truly sucks at times.


  1. Isn't he adorable. Love the one in the pot. Wonder if he turned into a prince for the owner.

  2. You are so green and lovely Tomansia,
    and this from a gal who is rather terrified of frogs!! You have a lovely red pool, you're one lucky boy...or ah, girl??

  3. Thomas, you're a very handsome creature! (Please note, I didn't call you pretty, or Tomansia!) I'd love to make your acquaintance -- I'm very fond of frogs!

  4. Thomas, your new red swimming pond does you credit. Good luck with your nightly escapades - I am keeping my fingers crossed that you find your best friend.

    PS Has your female human tried kissing you?

  5. Thomas/ina - so excited to see you. I have four just like you (without the spots) living in a giant heated tank in my living room. (we're too far south for you to survive long in the garden and without 24/7 heating). I think if you croak you are a boy....

  6. What a handsome frog you are, Thomas - and I did wonder, like Michelle, if anyone has tried to kiss you! I'm having visions of you transforming into a handsome prince!