Oct 10, 2010

Help me choose a story....

Reading: Scoundrel by Zoe Archer
Watching: The A-Team remake
Listening to: Snow Patrol
Making me smile: Playing Wii with hubby

It’s time for me to start writing a brand new Nocturne Bites. I have one coming out soon called One Night with the Wolf and I want to get started on my next one. I love those moments just before I start a story – where ideas and inspiration churn and anything and possible!

Usually I just *know* which story I want to write next…but this time I have a few different ideas knocking around in my head and one hasn’t risen to the surface yet.

So I thought I’d let the LoveCats blog readers vote on which story I should tackle next. Here are the options:

Dragon Prince – a follow up story to my very first Bites, Savage Dragon. It’ll feature the cousin of the hero in SD who is a dragon prince and wields some powerful elemental magic. The heroine is a human out to expose dragons to the world.

Marked by Shadow – a vampire story set in the same world as my Bites, Hunter’s Surrender. It’ll feature a vampire doctor hero in Las Vegas and a heroine desperate to avenge the death of her sister at the hands of vampires.

At the Wolf’s Mercy – a wolf story set in the same world as One Night with the Wolf. It features a wild alpha hero who leads a wolf pack in the untamed wilds of northern Canada and a pilot heroine who crash lands in his territory.

Racing the Dark – this is a new one. It’ll be set in a world where a small group of humans race against paranormals to secure ancient artifacts of power. The heroine is a tough human dedicated to her cause and the hero is a sexy, mysterious half angel, half vampire.

So vote below and thanks for the help. If anyone has any questions about any of the stories, ask away!



  1. Oh, what a choice! I voted for Dragon Prince but my second vote would have been for At The Wolf's Mercy.

    Actually, Anna, perhaps you could write them all so I can read them? ;)

  2. Gosh, Anna. What a choice. But, I think you had me at 'vampire doctor'. If he's anything like Rand, I'll be ecstatic. :)

    I'm with Rachel. You're just going to have to pen them all... X

  3. I'm with Rachel, Anna - you need to write them all! Cute little poll set-up and such a power trip to be able to vote! I went for "Marked by Shadow" with the vampire doctor hero - just what you'd expect from someone who writes for the medical line! ;)

  4. Okay, Anna, it's unanimous, you're going to have to write them all. My vote went to At The Wolf's Mercy. There's just something about that particular hero, heroine and setting combination that gets the mind racing and the blood pumping!

  5. Had to vote for dragon prince, but they all sound great! Maybe Racing the Dark after that?

  6. OMG Anna, how on earth can I choose just one?! May I vote for all of them? Please?

  7. Hi Rach --

    I'm sure I'll find the time to write them all (at some stage!)

    Looks like At the Wolf's Mercy is in the lead!!

  8. Hi Em --
    Rand was a great hero, wasn't he (-: I think a vapire doctor would be very sexy... We'll need to drum up some more votes because the wolves are beating the vamps so far.

  9. Hi Sharon --

    See, medical and paranormal do mix (-: I'm not surprised the vampire doctor got your vote, he needs a few more to beat the wolves!!

  10. Hi Michelle --
    I will write them all...eventually. Glad to hear At the Wolf's Mercy got the blood pumping!

  11. Hi Mel --
    Woo hoo, a vote for Dragon Prince (my dragons will always hold a special place in my heart). Ooh and a secondary vote for Racing the Dark. That new world is still forming in my head, but the hero is very much wanting his story told.

  12. Hey Emily --
    Nope, you have to choose (-:

  13. What fun, Anna. I voted Dragon Prince because I've always been a sucker for a dragon story :)

  14. Hi Anita --
    Thanks for the vote. Dragon Prince is starting to catch At the Wolf's Mercy! The race is on...

  15. I love my quests so I voted for Racing The Dark. But as everyone said, these all sound great, so I would like to see them all thank you! :))

    Happy writing!

  16. So cruel, Anna! I voted for At the Wolf's Mercy.

  17. Hi Eleni -
    Yay, a vote for Racing the Dark. I will be writing them all...but I can only write one at a time!

  18. Hi Emily --
    Sorry to be cruel (-: Thanks for the vote. At the Wolf's Mercy is defintely in the lead with the dragons a close second.


    At the Wolf's Mercy!!

    Thanks to everyone who voted. It got to be a close race there at the end but the wolves stayed in the lead.

  20. Oooooh, I can't wait to read it, Anna. Write quickly!! :)