Oct 19, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Furball
My favourite place it on top of the clothes horse when it's set up
(preferably with clothes on it so I don't fall through - think hammock for cats!). Alternatively, I enjoy the top of the stack of storage crates in my human's office. They're just at the right level to catch the airflow coming from the air conditioner - cool in summer, warm in winter.
Human Slave: Kylie
Lying just under the covers, sharing a pillow, in Kylie's queen
size bed in winter. Eating brussel sprout leaves from the compost bucket. Going on the ran-tan through the house on rainy days.
Dogs. Strangers. Boots. I skeddadle and hide when I see any of
these things.
: I'm King of the Beasts, especially in winter when my mane fills
out. Sociable or Aloof: Don't tell anyone but I'm more like the Cowardly Lion than anyone realises.
Night Owl or Early Bird:
Early Bird. I wake my human carer up at 4.30am on
the dot. Isn't this when everyone wants to go outside for a little wee walk???
Favourite Pastime:
Chasing bugs. I give any human gymnast a run for their
money with my backflips and full twists as I chase my prey.
Favourite Toy:
Hair elastic, especially when it's on the lino floor. It's
a miniature ice-hockey puck. Such fun!
Best Friend: Kylie. I love curling up on her lap or beside her when she's stretched out on the lounge.
What do you like to sharpen your claws on:
The back of any lounge chair.

Most embarrassing moment:
The day I discovered an echidna in my backyard
and confronted it. We had a Mexican stand-off for a couple of minutes and the moment I looked away the bundle of prickles charged me. I jumped six feet in the air, did a 360 while up there and retreated, much to the amusement of Kylie and the neighbours who were visiting us.


  1. Furball, in my next life I want to come back as Kyle's cat!!! You sound very happy and content =)

  2. LOL! Furball the Mighty... sounds familiar. I do believe that FB sounds just a tad spoiled *vbg*, and what cat shouldn't be? Perfect positioning, perfect resting place and a little floor hockey on the side! Don't know about the early morning wake up calls, though...

  3. Furball, firstly, someone around you is skilled with the camera - that photo is stunning!

    Now I've mentioned the people who aren't you, let's get back to the cat of the hour - you! I don't think you're a cowardly lion at all - I think you're intelligent and wise. You found a bed that gets the best temperature control? Go you! You've convinced your human to share her pillow? You're a star!

  4. Lovely photo, Furball. You should be a cover model! Um, what's with the brussel sprout leaves...? You *like* to eat them?

  5. Gorgeous photo, Furball, and it's great to have grace the Catwalk! Life as Kylie's cat sounds pretty darned good! But, I agree with Emily... brussel sprout leaves? LOL

  6. Thanks, Rach, for the photography compliment - I love taking photos, and moving cats are hard to get a decent shot of so I'm very happy with this one.

    As for the brussel sprout leaves (eyes roll)...you can imagine my surprise the night I saw him with his head in my compost bucket - I thought he must have caught or found a mouse in there.

    But when I busted him his head lifted and out of one corner of his mouth was a partially chewed brussel sprout leaf. It's all he ever picks out, has a couple then walks away. Strannnggge cat.

  7. Oh my, Furball, you really are a very beautiful cat.

    And you know what? I don't blame you for bolting at the sight of an echidna on the warpath -- I think I'd be getting out of the way too!

  8. Beautiful? Hey, I might be neutered but I ain't no feline in drag! Just call me handsome! :-)


  9. I'll agree with stunner, Toni, thank you (preens paw over whiskers).


  10. wow... who knew furries could be so famous. I know that cat well. He's such a wuss, and is terrified of me. :P I guess I'm too loud.