Oct 13, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Dr Watson
Abode: Stalking the food bowl. Failing that: blanket, lap, pillow, dog’s bed, washing basket in the sun. Anywhere it’s warm. Or tasty.
Human slave: sniff. You are all my slaves, feeble vermin. If only I were a little larger, I’d have killed and eaten you by now.
Likes: if you don’t know, I shan’t waste time explaining it. Just do as I say and everything will be fine.
Dislikes: see previous answer. Don’t make me tell you twice.
Ambition: to bend the world to my will, so long as it doesn’t involve too much effort.


  1. Ah, Dr Watson with attitude ;-) I'd like to come back as a pampered cat and spend my time lazing in the sun. Couldn't think of anything nicer!

  2. Dr Watson,
    I'm only glad you're not human! *shudder*
    As a cat, you're adorable (g)

  3. Dr Watson, I applaud your ambition for world domination... am more than a little pleased, though, that I am bigger than you are :-)

    Hope you managed plenty of sun baking today!

  4. Dr Watson, you are a diabolical genius and (like Michelle) although I greatly admire the way your mind works, I'm a teensy bit grateful I'm bigger than you...

    Gorgeous photo, Doc!

  5. Love your attitude, Dr Watson -- and am very pleased I'm bigger than you! Good luck with your domination of the world...