Sep 25, 2010

Caturday Fun! Free Reads

For our Caturday pleasure, I thought I'd round up a list of Lovecat free reads. I love free stuff. =)

First we have Nikki Logan's entire book, Their Newborn Gift, available at And while you're there, have a look at the other 10 category books for free, including fellow downunders, Kelly Hunter's Sexy Sensation, Exposed: Misbehaving With The Magnate (I *loved* this book) and Carol Marinelli's Medical, Emergency: Wife Lost And Found (which I haven't read, but Carol is fabulous!). Here's the blurb for Nikki's Their Newborn Gift:

Lea Curran was raised in the tough Western Australian Kimberley region. She will do anything to save her four year old daughter's life, even if that means persuading a man she cheated out of one child to give her another so the baby's cord blood can be used to treat its sister.

But sexy ex-rodeo star Reilly Martin isn't interested in just being a sperm donor. The two children are the chance at family he thought he'd lost forever. Lea may only want his genes but for Reilly it's all...or nothing.

Also, if you're a fan of paranormal, Tracey O'Hara (a distant relative of our own Tracie Sommers) has a short story on her website, Dante Rising, which is a prequel to Night's Cold Kiss, but a story on its own. A little taste:

Sixteen years ago — Rural France

ANTOINETTE sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes to look around the dark bedroom. She tilted her head and listened carefully for the noise that woke her. The gentle spring rain pitter-pattered against the bedroom window. Her little brother, Nici, breathed soft and steady beside her in a deep sleep. His arms were thrown above his head and he’d kicked the covers of his left leg. She smiled and pulled the quilt up then listened again.

Down the hall her grandmother’s snores rattled through the house. She was used to the sort of snorting gargle the old woman made, so it was doubtful that’s what woke her.

Then it came again—a distinct knocking noise from downstairs.

Someone’s here.

And very soon (to be released Nov 1!), we'll have Mel Teshco's free erotica Discovering Sophia from Ellora's Cave. In the meantime, here's the blurb:

Sofia is a divorcee, struggling to deal with the infidelities of her ex-husband. Then one day she sees a man hitchhiking. A muscular, sexy, younger man with a beautiful ass. Impulsively, she pulls her car to the side of the road and picks up the scrumptious hunk.

Jake is an adventurous guy who believes in living life to its fullest. He lets Sofia know that he thinks she is a beautiful, desirable woman, and he wants her. Jake makes her feel sexy and confident. Sofia just has to get up the nerve to go for it because she suddenly knows just what she needs to do to end all the pain and unhappiness that has consumed her.

I see I have some reading to do!

And to put a big smile on your face for the weekend, I'm posting a clip that answers the age old question once and for all, can a Labrador dance the Merengue?


  1. Rachel that was simply amazing!!
    I laughed so much I cried LOL!!!
    What a gorgeous, intelligent dog =)
    And thanks for putting up the free reads - we soo need more time to read them!!

  2. Mel, wasn't she great? I particularly liked how her hips swayed in beat. Tho, I wonder if she's really a Golden Retriever and not a Lab?

  3. NOw I'd like to see a cat do that! Looked like the Wagtail Cottage party we had last weekend!!!!

  4. Absolutely fabulous, what a dog! And thanks for the heads up about everyone's reading. Really looking forward to reading nikki's book.

  5. Jenn, I can't imagine a cat ever *wanting* to do that! Lol. Ooooh, you had a party at Wagtail Cottage? Sounds fun. :)

  6. Susan, you're welcome about the heads up and glad you liked the dog clip. =) Oooh, you're in for a treat with Nikki's book - I was lucky enough to read this one before it was published - simply gorgeous!

  7. What an extraordinary dog! I've seen it -- but I still can't believe it's possible!

  8. Emily, that dog was fabulous! My favourite part? Her tail wagging throughout. =)

  9. OMG, Rach, is that dog for real? Oh, he looks as if he's having so much fun that I want to learn to Merengue too now.

  10. I know, Michelle! I tried ballroom dancing once - it was heaps of fun but I was too uncoordinated. But I reckon I could do those steps the dog's doing... Maybe I should try the Merengue...

  11. Hi Rachel,
    I love this! I showed my youngest daughter and partner, who are now determined to train our dog to dance - she's pretty good at playing dead and rolling over and John, my partner, isn't half bad at the cha cha cha. But this is truly amazing.

  12. Shayne, if your partner can cha cha cha, and your dog can roll over, then I think you're set! Can't wait to see a video of the results. :-)

  13. LOVE that dog! Isn't it brilliant!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the free reads, Rachel! Congratulations, Nikki, Tracey and Mel!


  14. Sharon, I've started to get yearnings for a Golden Retriever... I've have 5 Labrador crosses over the years, but never a Goldie and they're so gorgeous!