Sep 20, 2010

Romance in Other Languages

First, allow me a moment to have a little squee that Ryder and Macy's story, At The Billionaire's Beck And Call? is out in the US. (It'll be out in Australia and NZ in November.) This is my favourite of my books so far and RT called it a "sweetly sexy romance". Okay, moment over. Thank you for indulging me. ;)

So, I'm thinking a lot about languages. My first book is out in Italian and Spanish this month and I can't wait to get author copies and scan over the words. Is that strange? I should note, I can't *read* Italian or Spanish, but I really, really want to see them.

When I was at high school, I did a term of French and a term of German, like everyone at my school. I can remember how to count to ten in each language and the names of some desserts. (Thus allowing me to order up to ten chocolate eclairs if I have the need.)

I also did two years of Japanese and coincidentally for this post, I found one of my hiragana texbooks a few days ago. I remembered pathetically little, but did feel I could maybe brush up a bit and get all my year 10 skills back (which was a long way from anything resembling fluency).

Then at uni, I did a year of Russian, which means I remember some of the alphabet and a lot about vodka. But I'm about to dig out my Russian textbooks because this year Harlequin announced they're spreading to Russia. I can't tell you how excited I'd be to get a copy of one of my books in Russian.

So, I speak very little of any language other than English but I'm ridiculously thrilled about seeing foreign language editions. I blogged yesterday in Argentina and my blog post was translated into Spanish. I stared at the screen for ages, trying to work out which word was which, and called dh in to show him.

Share with me a moment - do you speak other languages? Is a language other than English your first language? Is there a language you always wanted to learn?


  1. Let me "squee" with you for Ryder and Macy, Rachel! They are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Ooo, and I love that cover too!

    And how cool about your translations! It's a really thrill getting them even if you can't read them!

    Much as I would love to be able to speak a second language, I don't seem to have a natural flare for learning them. I did do French in school - the first year was great because the teacher had lived and worked in France. Alas when he left, the replacement teacher didn't light the language-learning spark for me. I came out the other end with a bare sprinkling of words! But I've received the French translation of my first two books and, even though I can't read them, they still fascinate me.


  2. Sharon, how cool that you have two French translations and that's the language you learned at school. Did you pick through them, looking for words you recognised? I think I'll be doing that. ;)

    Thanks for being excited with me about Ryder and Macy - especially since you helped them along on their journey!

  3. I think it would be super exciting to be published in another language. The whole translation thing fascinates me - writing conveys so many emotions and images, you affect people by your words - that's amazing to me. The fact that you can do the same in another language without even trying... that is truly incredible.

    I don't speak another language, except my schoolgirl French which makes my French friend grimace! I'd love to know how close to teh original the translations are.

    Interesting topic Rachel :-) Have fun with your foreign books, and interviews!!


  4. Cath, I bet your schoolgirl French beats mine, even considering your friend's grimacing! Though, now you've mentioned it, I'm looking forward to a French translation. I wonder how many words I could recognise? Might have to buy a French-English dictionary...

  5. Ooh! How exciting about the translations, Rachel! I've studied a number of languages -- Latin, Japanese, German, Spanish, Ancient Greek, Italian -- but the only one I speak any more is Swedish. I'd love it if my books were translated into Swedish!

  6. How exciting for you Rach - congratulations!! I had a year of French at school, which I remember very little of. My mother taught us a few odd german words as she migrated with her german/czech parents. My brother is fluent in Japanese and a few other languages, I think it'd be a great skill to have =)

  7. Emily, I was thinking about you and your Swedish fluency. But I didn't know about all those other languages - you're so impressive! I bet when you get translations, since you can read slowly (unlike talking to someone) you'll pick up most of the words. Though I'm not sure about you getting a Latin or Ancient Greek translation...

  8. Mel, I didn't know your mother had migrated and had another language. How very cool. You should go back now and ask for more words! =)

  9. Congratulations on your first foreign editions, Rachel. Squeeing for you here :-)

    Oh how I would love to be fluent in another language! I did a German language class at a community college a few years ago, but when I got to Berlin I discovered that while I could make my very basic German understood, I could barely understand a word in return. It was easy to see the funny side as the DH is fluent in German, but one day I really am going to try and become good at it.

    Ooh, Emily, I can say I love you in Swedish (I just can't spell it).

  10. Rachel, definitely a squee for your new release and your translations! Isn't that wonderful.

    I'm the opposite when it comes to language:(
    I teach English to international students and migrants! Paradoxically, I went into this job because I love being surrounded by other languages every day.

    It must be fabulous to see your books in translation. What a good incentive to start learning again....

  11. Michelle, you have a husband fluent in another language? Do you ask him to talk to you in German all the time? I'm thinking I would...

    Btw, a romance author who can say I love you in Swedish is very cool. ;)

  12. Zana, what a fabulous job! I bet it's so much fun. Do you end up picking up words here and there or do you have them speak English all the time for the practice?

  13. I've seen A Fish Called Wanda, Rachel. I prefer it when the DH practices his Russian on me :-)

  14. You have a multi-lingual dh? My goodness, girl, you chose well! :)