Sep 11, 2010

Caturday Fun!

I thought a game would be fun for caturday today. So, I'm making up The Romance Game, and I'll be giving away a copy of At The Billionaire's Beck & Call? to the person who makes me smile the most with their answers. =)

Here's how to play. You need to answer the following questions, and they all need to start with the first letter of your name (and to show how generous I am, you can choose the letter from your first or your second name).

  1. Best romance hero name:
  2. Best romance heroine name: (not your own!)
  3. Best romance hero trait:
  4. Best romance heroine trait:
  5. Best romance plot:
  6. Best romance cover pose:
I'll go first...
  1. Best romance hero name: Ryder (ok, I cheated - that's the name of my hero in ATBB&C =))
  2. Best romance heroine name: Roesia (French for rose!)
  3. Best romance hero trait: Rich (naturally)
  4. Best romance heroine trait: Regal (either literally or inside herself)
  5. Best romance plot: Reunion (love them - I'm writing one atm)
  6. Best romance cover pose: Ravishment (any variation of)
So, give me your list - I'm standing by to be dazzled. =) Then I'll choose someone to win a copy of At The Billionaire's Beck & Call?. (Or if you have it already, one of my earlier books.)

Ready? Set. Go!


  1. Good morning Rachel.
    This is a great idea for a fun Saturday!
    Cyril is my hero
    Caliope is my heroine
    Cyril is conscientious
    Caliope is a catastrophe
    Comedy of errors is the plot
    Canoodling is the cover pose

    Cath, who's cackling!

  2. Cackling Cath, I think conscientious Cyril and catastrophic Caliope would have heaps of fun in their comedy of errors! And of course they'd be canoodling on the cover. =) Thanks for playing!

  3. Oh, gosh, what fun...

    Hero: Alexis
    Heroine: Aphrodisia
    Hero trait: Aloof
    Heroine trait: Audacious
    Plot: Amnesia
    Cover pose: Amorous Action


  4. Aphrodesia! Oh, what a cool name! And now I'm wondering whether it's the aloof Alexis or the audacious Aphrodesia who has the amnesia? It could be the cause of his aloofness - he really doesn't know anyone, lol, but seeing an audacious heroine with no memory could be heaps of fun!

  5. Hah ha! (cue evil laugh) What a fun game, Rachel :-)

    Hero: Malcolm
    Heroine: Maureen
    Hero trait: Muscle-bound
    Heroine trait: Mischievous
    Plot: Marriage of convenience
    Cover Pose: Man-titty (hey, he is muscle-bound)

    merrily mirthful Michelle

  6. Oh, merrily mirthful Michelle, I'm not sure I can take a Man-titty cover of muscle-bound Malcolm! Though mischievous Maureen might tame him in their marriage of convenience. ;)

  7. Oooh, this is fun!

    Hero: Edgar
    Heroine: Edwina
    Hero trait: Earnest
    Heroine trait: Eager to experience life
    Plot: Elopement
    Cover pose: Exuberant embrace (in regency clothing, of course!)

    Thanks, Rachel -- that was fun!

  8. Emily, I love how your answers feel like an historical story in the making even before I reached the last line about clothing - clever choosing. :)

    Earnest Edgar and eager Edwina's elopement sounds like a book I'd want to read. Especially with the exuberant embrace on the cover!

  9. Best hero name: Merlin
    Best heroine name: Marian
    Best romance hero trait: Masterful
    Best romance heroine trait: Mysterious
    Best romance plot: Mister Millionaire's Mistress
    Best romance cover pose: Mouth mashing

    Oh, that was fun!!

  10. Mel, cool answers. Though I was sure from your first four replies that this would be a paranormal book, perhaps a Magical Medieval: Masterful Merlin and mysterious Marian...

    Though perhaps Merlin is a millionaire wizard and Marian becomes his mistress in the middle ages?

  11. oh, good point Rach!!! I was too busy being tricky with my M words LOL!!

  12. Do you know how hard this was with K for the first letter??? I'm just glad I didn't have Q or Z or Y. :-)

    # Best romance hero name: Kaedan
    # Best romance heroine name: Kiara
    # Best romance hero trait: Kick-ass
    # Best romance heroine trait: Kind
    # Best romance plot: Kaedan kills kraken to save Kiara
    # Best romance cover pose: Kissing

  13. I'm feeling a definite fantasy bent when kick-ass Kaedan kills kraken to save kind Kiara. After that I'm glad they get their kissing! Thanks for playing. :)

  14. I'm late to play but what a fun game, Rachel!

    Hero: Sebastian
    Heroine: Simone
    Hero trait: Sexy
    Heroine trait: Sensual
    Plot: Secret baby
    Cover pose: Sitting Seductively on a Sofa (yes, kinda reaching for this but I got a few S's in there! LOL)


  15. Sharon, never too late for fun and games! =)

    Oooh, I do like your Sssstory. ;) Sexy Sebastian and sensual Simone sound like they'll have a smokin' story about their secret baby. And yes, I can see them sitting seductively on the sofa!

  16. Better late than never:
    Hero: Felipe
    Heroine: Francesca
    Hero Trait: Fiery
    Heroine Trait: Frantic
    Plot: Fulltime father falls for freedom fighter
    Cover Pose: (wait on , brb, washing mouth out with soap - what starts with F and might be on the front cover of a romance novel). Fireplace Fun.

  17. Fi! Thanks for playing. I can see real potential for frantic Francesca and fiery Felipe when the fulltime father falls for the freedom fighter. And they get some fireplace fun too? Fffffabulous!