Sep 19, 2010

Prize and Fun!

Thanks to everyone who played the Romance Game last weekend. As promised, I've picked a commenter and will post out a copy of At The Billionaire's Beck & Call?. The winner is:

Anita Mack!

How could I go past the audacious Aphrodisia who has amnesia once she gets into amorous action with the aloof Alexis? Anita, email me at rachel at rachelbailey dot com and I'll get the book out to you.

And now for a bit of fun. I think everyone in the world must have seen this ad by now, but just in case you haven't (or want to see it again!), here's the I'm On A Horse commercial. The connection to this blog is that he's on a horse and we love animals here at the Lovecats. Plus, he looks like hero material to me. =)


  1. Oh I love this ad. 'Look at your man. Now look at your man. Back to me; LOL!!

  2. WooHoo, thanks Rach!!!

    I love this ad too, Eleni. Saw it on the Gruen Transfer - hadn't picked up it was all one scene until they pointed it out, lol. Guess I was too busy looking at the other *interesting* part of the ad ;)

  3. Eleni, I love it too. I'm the man your man could smell like. lol!

    Congrats, Anita! I saw the ad on The Gruen Transfer first as well and then googled it. Great show, great ad. :)

  4. GREAT ad, Rachel! I hadn't seen it so I was forced to watch it twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything! ;)

    Congratulations, Anita!

  5. Oh, Sharon, someone who hadn't seen it! Now I'm glad I posted it - it's like a community service. ;)

  6. Yeah Anita on your win!

    Oh, I'm with Sharon... I hadn't seen the ad and had to watch it twice too! Maybe even again...


  7. Cath, another person who hadn't met the man your man could smell like. He's on a horse. ;) How effective is that advertising? I'm quoting a men's toiletry product on a romance blog!