Sep 21, 2010

Catwalk Tribute Wednesday - Dorkus, Charlie and Tess - RIP

In the last week we have lost two of our furry cat pals have. The first was kind of the lovecat mascot – Dorkus – who appeared on the postcards and promo items. The second was my middle “fur-child” Charlie, who passed away yesterday. So I thought I would use today Catwalk to do a bit of a tribute are furry kids.

Dorkus: 1994 - 2010

I asked Dorkus’s pet human, Diane to give me a bit of an insight into his life.
Dorkus wandered into my life in February 1994. I'd been on the phone to mum telling her how it was time for me to get another cat, and my flatmate found Dork a week later, meowing pitifully. Very quickly he was adopted. In 16 years, Dorkus became adept at moving - he lived in 16 different houses and was the master of them all. When I found him a new daddy, he showed him who was boss, and trained him until the new daddy was actually his personal slave. Sometimes known as Psycho Cat for the crazy way he would race up and down the hall, or ambush you from a doorway or the bath, Dorkus loved games with his pet humans. When he was almost a year old, I almost lost him. He'd disappeared and I finally found him under the house next door, in shock, unresponsive and so not like my Dorkus. It seemed he'd had an argument with a garbage truck and when I took him to the vet, the vet said his tail had to be amputated. My flatmate nicknamed him Stumpy Bum, but it added another quirk to his personality.
Sadly, I had to say goodbye to Dorkus last week, and the trip to the vet was his last. At 16 years old, he had a good long life (spoilt brat) and he brought a lot of love into my life. Dorkus was the ultimate lovecat.

See Dorkus' Catwalk spot here

Prince Charles: 2004 – 2010

We took him off a lady I worked with. Her cat had 3 kittens and she was a HUGE royal fan. So she had called the kittens Diana, Camilla and Prince Charles. We called him Charlie – he was the sweetest little kitten who grew into the biggest stockiest cat. He was like a shy boy who became a gentle giant.

Charlie was not really a people cat. He liked to hang around but didn’t like to be touched much… I am having a moment while writing this and the tears are welling. I can picture him sitting on the floor beside me as I prepare food for dinner. His purr really, really loud as he looks up at me. Every now and then I drop a piece of meat and his purr would double in volume as he devours his offering. It didn’t matter if he’d just be fed. He loved fresh chicken, and really loved beefsteak, but even if I was peeling potatoes he was there beside me. He had a funny little squeak of a meow. Even though he was bigger than the other cats, he was a sook. The others would dominate him every time.

Really he was a quiet, gentle boy who didn’t like hugs but loved boxes - the smaller the better (see above pic)
And I miss him.
A lot.

As I write this, it’s been brought to my attention that a friend of the lovecats has also lost a furry friend. Malvina lost Tess on Sunday and we Lovecats want to give her a cat hug.Send hugs here


  1. A sad week and a bit for the love cat community and more for the pet humans they've left behind.

    Dorkus, Prince Charles and Tess are probably all playing together now or fighting over the food.

  2. Rest in peace, Dorkus, Charlie, and Tess. It sounds as if these were three lucky, well-loved cats who brought much joy to their owners' lives. Keep hold of the good memories!

  3. Hugs and wet nose kisses and whisker tickles to these owners - my heart aches with you but your lives have been so much richer having had these 3 wonderful cats in your homes.

    May the memories of them live long in your minds and of anyone else who loved them.

  4. Cats get totally under your skin don't they? Good friends of mine's cat died yesterday. Eddie was a cat with a definite personality. Fell on his feet when he was adopted by my friends. I'll miss him.

  5. Hugs to everyone who has lost a furry friend.

  6. Big hugs to Diane, Tracie and Malvina -- it sounds as if Dorkus, Prince Charlie and Tess brought so much to your lives... and that you all brought so much to theirs. May they rest in peace and long may the memories bring you comfort.

  7. What a lovely tribute to three well loved felines. Their memories will always live on =)

  8. Charlie, Tess and Dorkus, you bring tears to my eyes. Not only because you've left cat-sized holes in the lives of Tracey, Diane and Malvina, but because you were able to inspire that love in the first place. You were truly LovedCats.

    As Diane said, you're probably all playing together now, and Keziah's friend's cat Eddie is running over to join the fun.

    Tracey, Malvina and Diane, I'm sending you lots of hugs.

  9. Thanks for visiting and your condolences. I am still a bit in greiving mode so I am not going to answer each individually. To all you guys who have also lost belovered pets - hugs.

  10. Aw, Dorkus tolerated being photographed with a romance book :-)

    Really loud purr but a squeaky little mew? Charlie sounds like my Manny - both sooks :-)


  11. I'm convinced there's some sort of cat 'rave' happening in heaven right now!

  12. ((((hugs)))) to you, Diane, Tracey and Malvina. It's sad losing a furkid.

  13. Aww... Diane and Tracey... {{{hugs}}}... week one is surely the hardest... But what beautiful, wonderful memories. Some of my friends have reminded me this week about some of Tess' antics they've laughed over. I am sure that Prince Charles and Dorkus have also inspired gorgeous, heart-felt warm fuzzies. How wonderful that they blessed our lives and taught us more about love... Thankyou all for your kind words of comfort.

  14. Big hugs to those who have lost their furry friends. What a lovely tribute.