Sep 15, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name Miss Winifred Menzies

Human Slave The slave would be Damon. Nicky thinks she and I are equals. Obviously we are not equals. I am her superior.
Likes Sunbeams and what the humans refer to as "wet food".
Dislikes Dry cat food & vacuum cleaners (they take away all that fluff I leave around for the humans).
Ambition To sleep on Nicky's pillow
when she doesn't know it. Entering the Forbidden Room (the teen's room).
Night Owl or Early Bird I will stay up late if re
quired to supervise the teenager doing assessments, or Nicky doing her writing. However I also rise early when I think it's time for breakfast.
Favourite Pastime Sleeping. Particularly now I’m 17!
What do you like to sharpen your claws on Damon.


  1. Ha! I bet Nicky appreciates the fluff you leave on her pillow, Miss Menzies! Nothing like waking up to a mouthful :-P

    You'd think she'd have bought you your own pillow by now - although I guess the other one is always softer (grass is always greener and all that), eh?

  2. My Miss Winifred you are a beautiful 17 year old! I think you should be allowed to have all the pillows you like in your old age! =)

  3. Miss Winifred Menzies, you have the most gorgeous face! Though I can't believe your humans don't appreciate your gifts of fluff. Humans. I tell you.

  4. Miss Winifred Menzies, you are a treasure. I hope you get lots of wet food, find Nicky's pillow often and get into the Forbidden Room whenever you like - at seventeen, you deserve great things!

  5. Miss Winifred Menzies replies - I've asked Nicky to type on my behalf since I'm busy supervising.

    Kylie - Nicky's pillow is like a Grail. Or a siren call...only works if she is away overnight though.

    Mel - Why thank you I think I'm beautiful too. Please talk to my owners on this pillow issue (I do have my own couch in the sunroom mind).

    Rachel - I am very glad they have yet to consider shearing/shaving me during the ghastly hot, humid Brisbane summers. I know they don't appreciate what I do for them.

    Cath - Thank you. Will point this out to the humans sharing the house with me.

  6. Miss Menzies, you are gorgeous and with a coat like that you must be a first rate furball producer!

    I do hope you get Nicky trained to accept her position soon! ;)

    Lovely to see you on the Catwalk!

  7. Sharon, according to the humans I deign to reside with my fur is going to be an archaeological find that confounds humans in the future due to its longevity, (I have noticed humans are easily fuddled).