Apr 13, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name - Yeti
- Bribie Island
Human Slaves
- Tina, Shaun, Kyle (13) and Barry (11)
- running sideways like a spider. Clawing everything and anything is exciting to me. Curling up next to the computer when his slave is typing.
Dislikes - his reflection in the window. I meow at it, hiss and spits and it doesn't go away even when I puff up like an orange bottlebrush.
mbition - to be big and fat like his adopted brothers Binx and Baggie.
Sociable or Aloof
- Sociable to the point of being a pain, forever talking (much like his human slave).
Night Owl or Early Bird - Neither, just fits in with whatever the humans are doing. Making sure I'm real easy to live with at the moment, until I am settled in...
Favourite Pastime
-Attacking electrical cords!
Favourite Toy - walking on my slaves keyboard and my little yellow mouse with a few feathers as its tail.
Best Friend - At present would have to be Binx, because he lets me chase his tail, jump on him, and sleep by him without attacking me. But I really am trying hard to be friends with Baggie.
do you like to sharpen your claws on - everything at the moment, waiting for an internet
ordered scratch post to arrive. Hurry up postman!


  1. So cute, Yeti! Hint - empty toilet rolls make just as good toys as any other bought product, especially when you cut them up to hockey puck size and place them on the kitchen lino!

  2. Yeti, you're adorable! And I love your cat pals too! Looks like you all have a lovely home to play in =)

  3. What a cutie! A pair of rolled up *old* socks are also a great play thing for a kitten with sharp claws.

    Sounds like you have weasled your way into the family quite well Yeti.

  4. This baby is utterly adorable! There's something extra special about a ginger kitten...

  5. Hey all

    Thanks - I think that all this attention is going to Yeti's head!

    Oh and good news on the harmony front: Binx and Yeti were playing today, and Baggie and Yeti were sleeping close to each other again - with no fighting, then Baggie was on top of the glass dinning room table - running around after Yeti who was underneath.. a type of playing with protection I guess...

    Thanks for all the tips guys - much appreciated as its been ages since we had a real little kitten like this and all forgotten.

    Thank you Mel for having up up on CatWalk Wednesday - sorry that I was snowed under and didn't get here till now.

    Bye 4 now

  6. Yeti (and Tina), thanks for the photos and info! I chuckled all the way through your post. =)

  7. Yeti is absolutely gorgeous! Kittens are addictive, aren't they? I'd love to always have one in the house!