Apr 12, 2010

Book Binge

Reading: The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
Watching: Eagle Eye with Shia Le Beouf
Listening to: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Making me smile: I have another week of holidays!

I’m on holidays right now (and loving every minute of it!) My favourite holiday activity: reading. Voracious, obsessive reading. I read after I get out of bed, I read after lunch and I read at night tucked up in bed. I love staying up late reading knowing that I don’t have to get up early.

Luckily I have a Kindle now, so hubby isn’t complaining about the weight of my suitcase. Right now I’m in the Hunter Valley and in between massages at the spa and wine tasting at the vineyards, I’m reading. Sigh, I’m a happy woman.

So, here are the books I’ve knocked off my TBR pile over the last week and a bit. They're an eclectic mix: some category, some single title. Some romance, some thriller. Some new, some I’ve read before (multiple times).

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss
Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare
Her Dark Lord by Mel Teshco
Something About You by Julie James
Time to Die by Wilbur Smith
The Stanislaski Brothers by Nora Roberts
One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

Still to read:
The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
Dream Man by Linda Howard
Warrior’s Woman by Johanna Lindsey

Whew, I have been busy. So what books are reading right now? I’ve got another week of holidays and I’m certain I can squeeze in a few more good books (-:

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  1. Anna, I've read WARRIOR'S WOMAN by J.Lindsey - it's a keeper on my shelf - if you like it there's a follow up KEEPER OF THE HEART (Shanelle Ly-San-Ter & Falon Van'yer's story, Shanelle is Tedra & Challen's daughter) - yeah, I know, the TBR piles groan at the thought! :-)

    I've just whipped through two new authors and series - Pamela Palmer & her Feral Warriors series - DESIRE UNTAMED, OBSESSION UNTAMED & PASSION UNTAMED, and Joss Ware's post-apocalyptic series - BEYOND THE NIGHT, EMBRACE THE NIGHT ETERNAL & ABANDON THE NIGHT.
    If you like Shape-shifters & mages then Pamela's series feeds that need.

    Joss's world building for her post-apocalyptic setting is incredible - it's hard to pinpoint the tone of it but it has elements of Mad Max, Jericho, Stephen King's The Stand and David Brin's The Postman. Highly recommended, each you could read as stand-alone's but if you go in sequential order then you can see the clever development of the over-arching plot.

    Both have more to come, but of course, they've not been released yet!

  2. Hi Anna,

    I LOVE WARRIOR'S WOMAN, too Kylie. I have a bit of a thing for Johanna Lindsey - but that one is definitely up there in the faves. One of those books that stays with you...

    Anna, I also keep on going back to Nora Roberts - she's got a knack, that lady - but I like her paranormal and JD Robb stuff best

    Mel's story was also a great read.

    I've knocked off books two and three of Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark Series - Wow, they're GOOD! Am frantically trying to find the rest to load on my iPhone. :)

    Read the SHIFTER anthology - bought it for the Alyssa Day.

    I also read two Anya Basts' this holidays - jury's still out, but I think Cole was a hard act to follow!

    I also read IMMORTAL BRIDE by Lisa Childs, and THE EMPATH by Bonnie Vanak - I'll be looking out for more of hers..

    And - get this - I've just downloaded a BRAND-NEW Anna Hackett - I love this one! :)

    Right back to it - a few good days left to lounge around the house before the kidlets go back to school...

    E x

  3. My goodness you have been very very busy in the reading department. I just finished Keri Arthur's Destiny Kills - loved it.....
    And Rachel Bailey's debut book 'Claiming his brought bride'.

    I'm all over the place with my reading (way my brain works) so I have got quite a few on the go. Keri Arthur's Bound to Shadows (book 7), JR Ward's Lover Avenged, Shannah Jay's Quest...

    Have fun reading!

  4. Oh, I love seeing lists of books that people have loved! Thanks for suggesting it, Anna. I've recently read:

    "Finnikin of the Rock" by Melina Marchetta - a YA fantasy (given to me by a gorgeous friend). I wasn't sure about it, but said friend was insistent, so I dove in and loved it.

    Kelly Hunter's Rita nominated book, "Revealed: A Prince and a Pregnancy". Gosh, I *loved* that book. And the one that came before it (which I read about a month previously), "Exposed: Misbehaving With The Magnate". Sublime, both.

    Emily May's "The Earl's Dilemma" came just before that and I am sooooo looking forward to her next. It was a gentle Regency - great characters, lovely writing, funny and tender plot. Was v sad when it ended.

    Some great titles above - must look some of them up!

  5. Hi Kylie --
    I've read WARRIOR'S WOMEN like a million times and I have KEEPER OF THE HEART handy as well. There was a book about Shanelle's brother too. It was set on Earth. I might have to dig it out as well.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm been eyeing Joss Ware's series and I'll definitely give it a go now!

  6. Hey Em --
    Didn't know you loved Lindsey too! Her Sci-fis are my fav.

    I just started the IAD series recently and I've found it gets better and better with each book. The two about the Woede brothers were awesome!

    So sweet of you to buy Hunter's Surrender...esp. since you're my CP and you've read it already(-:

  7. Hey Eleni --
    I have been busy reading! I did get some writing done today.

    I have some of Keri Arthur's books in my extended TBR pile. I'm not a huge UF fan...I like my HEA too much (-: I've been toying with reading Ward as well...thanks for the tips.

  8. Hi Rachel --
    Well, I have some great category books to add to my TBR...thanks for the recommendations!

    And I'm intrigued by the YA Fantasy. I don't read enough YA.

  9. Reading update ---

    I finished Dream Man today (after my massage and pedicure!) The book also has After the Night in it, so I thought I'd better read that next.

    I remember now why Linda Howard was always one of my fav suspense authors!

  10. OMG,
    Anna, I need a holiday too just to keep up to all these fantastic recommendations!!
    One I have on my TBR pile is Hunter's Surrender, have heard it's a great read... (g)
    Oh, and you have to read JR Ward!

  11. Ohhh - I am so jealous - massages and pedicures. Reading books all day. sigh. The only things I am reading at the moment are technical documents for work.

  12. Anna, if you find the third book of Joanna Lindsey's in the WARRIOR WOMAN series could you let me know the title - I never knew there was a third!

  13. My goodness! I'm jealous too!! I'm also wanting to read the Mathew Riley book (am just waiting for it to come out in paper back). I've been reading the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. YA, but bloody good reading even for an ancient like me :) MY daughter and I are eagerly waiting for the next book to come out. Happy rest of your holidays!!!

  14. Oh, I'm jealous too, Anna! Massages, pedicures, reading! And now all these great reading recommendations! Bliss!


  15. Hey Mel--
    Glad to hear Hunter's Surrender is on your TBR. (-:

    Thanks for the Ward tip...I'll have to check out the Black Dagger boys.

  16. Hey T --
    I'll be back to technical documents next week...sigh. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy my last few days of freedom.

    Had dinner last night at one of the best restaurants in Australia! Wow, it was great. 13 courses!

  17. Hi Kylie --
    HEART OF A WARRIOR is Dalden's story. His lifemate is an Earth girl.

  18. Hi Rach --
    Five Greatest Warriors is great so far...

    I've been pondering reading the Vampire Academy series, so good to know you're enjoying it!

  19. Hi Sharon --
    I'm certainly enjoying it and trying not to think about getting back to reality next week (-: