Apr 28, 2010

Anna in the Spotlight

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Anna Hackett has kicked off her work boots, tossed aside her hard hat and left behind mining engineer 'stuff' to chat about her love of paranormal writing (while sipping a chardonnay or two from the Hunter Valley).

Not only is she one of our own lovecats, she is a fellow Nocturne Bites author, with whom I'm happily high-fiving the end of our wonderful but tiring promo blog tour!

Anna, why paranormal romance, and Nocturne in particular?

I’m obsessed with ancient history, myths and legends. I love reading romance and have done since I first raided my mother’s stack of Mills and Boons. I’ve loved pulse-pounding action-adventure ever since I could reach my Dad’s shelf of Wilbur Smith and Clive Cussler books. Put all that together and I think paranormal romance was a definite for me since it has all those elements.

I love reading paranormal romance. Reading Christine Feehan’s Carpathians series is what really sucked me in and since then there are so many fabulous paranormal authors to choose from. I was attracted to Nocturne because I read they were looking for dark, sexy reads that were fast-paced, action-packed and mission-oriented. That sounded just right for my stories.

In all your stories, have you ever had a fav character?

That’s an evil question. All my characters are my favourites! Right now I guess my favourites are the ones from my latest release, HUNTER’S SURRENDER. Dominique is tall, elegant, smart and knows what she wants. Rand is rough, tough and battle-scarred, but there’s a gentle streak buried deep.

Career aspirations?

Be the best storyteller I can be. I want to write the stories I love to read. I want to write both romance and mainstream action-adventure thrillers.

Anna in five years from now?

Up to my eyeballs in deadlines for all my upcoming books! Writing in multiple genres. Writing full length novels as well as still writing short stories. I love the intensity of the shorter stories.

Do you see yourself writing any other genres?

I kind of already answered that. In romance, I’ve got plenty more paranormal stories to tell and some romantic suspense stories. In addition to that, I have some pulse-pounding action thrillers begging to be written.

If you could meet any author in history, who would it be?

Another tough question! I can’t answer…the list would be too long (-:


  1. Ooh, I love the sound of Rand -- rough, tough, and battle-scarred, but with a gentle streak -- my kind of hero! Your stories sound fab, Anna!

  2. Thanks for the look into Anna's mind, Mel!

    Like Emily, I love the sound of Rand. =)

  3. Hi Emily --
    Rand was just one of those characters who arrived fully formed. I didn't have to agonise trying to work him out!

  4. Hi Rachel --
    A look into my mind...I feel kind of naked now (-: So pleased you like the sound of Rand!

  5. I'm with you, Anna, Rand is definitely up there as one of my Hackett faves. I would count Christine Feehan was one of the first paranormal authors I read, too.

    I think you're already a great storyteller, Anna. X. Keep up the good stuff!

    E x

  6. I agree Anna, Rand sounds like perfect hero material! Can't wait to read your vampire story! =)

  7. Hi Mel --
    Thanks again for interviewing me! Hope you enjoy Rand (-:

  8. Great interview, Anna, and what fantastic covers your books have.

  9. Hi Zana --
    I've been lucky with covers. My latest threw me a bit - very pink and purple for a paranormal. But it grew on me (-:

  10. Terrific interview, Anna and Mel. I especially enjoyed a mental picture of you tossing aside your hard hat as you picked up a pen to write, Anna!

    LOL on your "naked" mind - but it was interesting to read why you chose Nocturne Bites. It's a great fit for your stories!

    I love the sound of Rand - must get me over to the download page!

  11. Hi Sharon --
    First thing I do when I get home is toss aside (well, not toss but put it down) my hard hat and various other bits of personal protective equipment...then tap away at my laptop. No pen!

    I do hand write very occasionally - usually when I'm stuck or if I'm in the bath (-: