Apr 27, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Red Aussie Terrier: Name: Lion (or La-li – when my humans bred small humans they thought they could call me this version of my mighty name… and decide that I’m a beautiful girl. Girl?! It’s lucky they drop so much food.)

Human Slave: I am just a teeny tiny (honest) bit obsessed with my male human. I cry whenever he’s home and not within a metre of me. Said human REALLY appreciates my devotion.

Likes: Food. A lot. And did I mention my male human?

Dislikes: The indignity of having to toilet in the rain, cold, dark heat. The floor looks good to me.

Super Power: I have bionic knees. Honestly. Who would have thought a young (then) dog would need each back knee reconstructed? Male human grumbled something about cost and dragging myself on a wagon but I got my knees.

Best Friend: Mat. He’s big. He’s dopey. But he’s the brawn to carry out my master plans. And sometimes he does look strangely attractive…

Border collie x kelpie: Name: Matrim (Big Mat)

Human Slave: My humans are good but my Lion owns me. Unless he pushes his luck and then I remind him that I’m the biggest.

Likes: Balls. Balls. Where’s the ball? Did you say ball?

Dislikes: Tiled floors. Just between you and me, they scare the crap out of me.

Best friend: Lion of course. Although the small male human is learning to throw the ball better. I think I can train him.


Wanted: your pet!

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  1. What an amusing pair -- and so noble looking!

    (Ball? Ball? Did someone say ball?)

  2. what a gorgeous pair and a fab photo - lucky boys getting to go to the beach!

  3. Oh, I love them both! But now I'm dying to know the identity of the humans who drop the food.

    Thanks for the early morning smile. =)

  4. Hi everyone, it's my little humans who drop the food!

    The kids are pretty excited this morning to see Lali and Matty on the computer.


  5. Bec! It's you! You know, you have a talent for comedy m'dear. Loved the interview above. :)

  6. What gorgeous boys! I wish I could run along the beach with them. Oh, who am I kidding, I'd be on my towel with a book soaking up some rays. But I would be throwing the ball and dropping crusts!


  7. Rachel it's not comedy - it's just the lads' personalities. They were our only babies for a long time. They even have their own book of adventures from their youth!

    Sandii - they'd love you for the ball throwing and crusts!

  8. Brilliant picture, Bec, and your boys' interviews are great fun! I can tell they're thoroughly spoiled by all their humans!

  9. What gorgeous boys!! Bec, what a beautifully posed photo. Sounds like your two boys are fun to have around.

  10. Enjoyed reading about the boys! They're a cute pair (-:

  11. Hilarious! And knowing the little humans spoken about, I found it extra extra funny!