Apr 10, 2010

Caturday Hangman

I've made us a Lovecats Hangman game! All the answers are the names of Downunder category authors. Be warned, if you miss one, you'll go back to the beginning (but at least you'll know those answers!).

Even though I made the list, I still missed some when I played it. Perhaps I need more coffee... =)


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  1. I won't say how many times I played this Rach!! Too addictive!

  2. I know, Mel! As I said above, even though I created it, I still played it through once to the end. And then when it loaded here, I started playing again like an automan, until I could stop myself. Lol.

  3. My gosh Rach, how many levels are there? After a few false starts I got my *hangman eye in* and managed to get 23 levels before crashing out on 24 - and I don't have the patience to go back, lol. Good fun with mr6 helping.

  4. You know, Anita, I have no idea! I just kept adding in more and more downunder category authors -- but I couldn't use anyone whose name had more than 12 letters, so there's no Bronwyn Jameson, Tracie Sommers, Yvonne Lindsay, Michelle Douglas, Sarah Mayberry, etc.

    Imagine how many levels there would be if I could have included everyone - there are certainly heaps of great Aussie and NZ category authors!