Apr 30, 2018

Lost in France by Amy Andrews

For the last three weeks, I've been in France on a family vacation.

And as I've been wandering around, that old song by Bonnie Tyler has been stuck in my head - Lost in France.

It's exactly how I feel. Blissfully Lost and wondering What about you? Is there a particular song for you that becomes an ear worm you just can't shake?


  1. LOL, Amy. Just today I've had 'Don't Talk to Strangers' by Rick Springsteen running in a loop in my head. Heaven knows why. I'd rather be Lost in France!

  2. I love, love, love your pics, Amy! I hope you're having the most wonderful time!

    As for ear worms -- I get them all the time...and love to share them with my nearest and dearest (my current one is the Stones' Honky Tonk Woman). Off to go and listen to Bonnie Tyler now. :-)

  3. Oh Amy I am loving the photos and thank you for sharing your trip ear worms yes I get them it might be a memory that makes me think of them I am listening to the radio at the moment and John Lennon's Woman is playing so you what I will be humming all afternoon :)

    Have Fun