Apr 6, 2018

My Favourite Colour Is...

We love to play favourites at my house.

What's your favourite day? What's your favourite animal?  What's your favourite colour?

And it's a serious thing for my kids.  It has determined their lunchbox colour.  Party invitation colours.  One daughter has moved through everything from pink to green to rainbow which has kept me on my toes, merchandise-wise.

Now, as they grow, their choices have become nuanced.  Led by a need to stand out from their siblings. For instance, my oldest daughter's favourite colour is 'sea blue'.  Middle loves 'aqua'.  My seven-year-old son prefers 'cyan'.

I know a lot of kids go through the blue stage but not me.

For as long as I can remember my favourite colour has been red. I had a red handbag, red toaster and kettle, red cushions on the couch.  I loved that bold splash of colour. The fierce statement it makes.  Rich, passionate, no holds barred.  I will not be cowed.  I will be seen.

But suddenly, one day, out of nowhere, that all went away.

Who was I if my favourite colour wasn't that deep, intense, extroverted hue?  Did I even recognise that face in the mirror anymore?

It took some time for me to be able to answer when my kids asked me - what's your favourite colour, Mum?  Time and deep reflective thought.  To unwrap the things that now make my senses sing.  Gardenias the day before they wilt and bruise, cream in my coffee, sparks of light, chandeliers, clouds, the soft, warm skin of my son's cheek, a pink lipstick kiss on my daughter's hand before sending her into class.

And over time it has come to me. Like a new understanding of where I have been, how my life has changed, and who I am right now.   

So what's my favourite colour?  Right now, at this exact moment in time - Rose Gold Glitter.

My new wallet is entirely covered in rosy glitter.  My sunglasses case a shimmer of pink.  Even my website has taken on the hue.  It’s pretty, soft, and hopeful. Gentle, gleaming and bright.  I love it to bits.

And yes, it's totally a real 'colour'.  Just ask my kids.


  1. Hi Ally

    My favourite colour is purple and always has been different shades from mauve to purple but love I do :)

    Have Fun


  2. Ally, my favourite colour has always been red, but I admit to loving other colours now more than I used to. I see what you mean about rose gold (the colour of my phone!) and teal green is wonderful.

  3. I like sage green, teal, yellows, just depends on my mood. Hate PINK!!!

  4. My favourite colour is blue. It has always been blue and has never changed. My whole house is blue, the walls, the carpet, the furniture and the bathrooms. It might be a bit OTT but I love it.