Apr 25, 2018

Coffee, tea or something else - what do you choose? - Kandy Shepherd

Recently I shared on social media a photo of a yummy Coffee and Walnut Cake I’d baked. I confessed I don’t actually like coffee as a drink—but I do like the flavour in cakes and ice-cream. I was surprised when I had comments from people who felt the same about coffee.  It’s always nice to meet a fellow non-coffee drinker who, it seems to me, are quite a rare breed.

No coffee or tea for me - but coffee cake will do just fine!

It’s even rarer to meet someone like me who not only doesn’t like tea or coffee but also because I don’t drink alcohol. Not for any religious or health or sobriety reasons—I simply don’t like the taste. Never have, doubt I ever will.

Mmm! I love the aroma, just not the taste of coffee!

 My mother told me I was anti-social because I didn’t drink tea (I come from a family who love their tea). Ordinary tea, herbal tea, iced tea—not for me. While I adore the smell of coffee beans and percolating coffee—I just can’t drink it. 

When I was younger, barmen would see me as a challenge, lining free alcoholic drink after free drink on the bar to find something I’d like. I’d take a sip and pass. Whichever companion I had with me at the time would eventually fall off his barstool as a result of slurping up all the drinks I’d disdained.

I was a challenge to a barman!

Some people think I’m weird because I don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol in a world where most people do. It doesn’t bother me. I manage quite okay without any of those drinks. And when I meet someone else with the same tastes as I am, we fall upon each other in sudden camaraderie  as it doesn’t happen very often. 

I have to be careful with fruit juices because of the possibility of migraine-inducing preservatives. My choice is freshly squeezed but not all juices advertised as “freshly squeezed” are actually so. 

So what do I drink? Water, lots of water—still, sparkling or from the tap. Fortunately, I really like water! But before you dismiss me as too goody-two-shoes to be true, I also drink Diet Coke—lots  of Diet Coke. No other cola, just that type. Well, lots and lots while I’m on deadline like right now with my next book for Harlequin Romance. Otherwise, aware of the evil reputation of artificial sweeteners and other artificial stuff in a black, no-food-value drink, I try to cut down on it. But oh-how-boring it can be to just drink water!

My tipple of choice.

What about you? What’s your favourite beverage? One you love to hate? If there are any other non-tea or coffee or non-alcohol drinkers, please say hello! I’d love to see your comments.

PS: The cake is a recipe by Nigella Lawson, I made an extra layer. Here's the link:


  1. The cake looks delicious. I'm one who adores tea, coffee, and wine. I can't drink caffeinated coffee or tea because I have a crazy sensitivity to caffeine, so I drink decaf and herbal teas. I drink them because I love the taste and in the winter, I love it cos it's a hot drink on a cold day. I love wine too but I'm fussy about the kind of wine I drink, and I'm not into beers or cocktails.

    1. I'm so not surprised to see you're fussy about the the wine you drink, knowing you are somewhat of a connoisseur! Interesting about the sensitivity to caffeine, glad you're able to enjoy tea and coffee without it!

  2. That cake looks divine, Kandy! Yum. :-)

    Well, I love tea...and coffee...and most alcohol...and diet coke. Oh, and sugar and butter and all the things. ;-) Can't really imagine getting along without them!

  3. That cake was exceedingly toothsome, Michelle! I'm sure a slice would go well with a cup of tea or coffee!

  4. I’m a big tea drinker. I drink it all day summer and winter. I don’t drink alcohol and some people see it as anti- social. If someone is really pushy I will say yes to a glass of wine and just leave it on the table. I don’t drink soft drink either. Everywhere you go water is always supplied now so I just drink that.

    1. Hi Veronica, it's amazing isn't it that when you don't drink alcohol, people try and press it on you. I often do as you do, just say okay and leave it untasted which seems such a waste!

  5. Have never tried coffee; don't like the overwhelming (to me) smell.
    Used to drink tea. A tiny cup required 3 packets of sugar in restaurants. When I got diabetes, I gave up my tea, as I couldn't imagine drinking it with NO sugar.
    Used to drink Pepsi (not diet). Quit 5 years ago (drinking all pops). When I got diabetes a few years ago, the doctor said I could drink diet pop. I declined.
    Not allowed to drink fruit juices now, of course, so my only three drinks I consume are water (tons of it all day, plus even more when I play badminton a few nights every week), milk (1 cup every meal - mind you, I would prefer drink 2-3 cups/meal), and beer as a treat (allowed 3-4 bottles/week but drink 1 bottle/3 months or so, although I drink 1/week when I'm playing tournaments).

    1. Hi Laney, it's interesting how you've had to change what you drink because of diabetes. Makes you think how much sugar can be in drinks, doesn't it. Sounds like you're managing great, though!
      I forgot when I listed my drink dislikes to add milk-I don't like it at all unless very cold and flavoured with chocolate. I think this stems back to the long ago days when in Australia we were given free milk at school. It was delivered in crates in little quarter pint bottle and inevitably placed in the sun. By the time we got to drink it, the milk was warm which I found loathsome. We had to drink it unless we had a note from home to say otherwise. No such note for me, my mother said it was free and good for me and I had to drink it!

    2. Sounds like MY mom, LOL! The phrase I used to hear (like many did) was "Think of the starving children in Africa!"
      Back in MY day, microwaves hadn't been invented, so we ate what was on our plate, whether hot/warm or not. I still detest cold (lumpy) mashed potatoes.
      Funny story: My brother and I used to hate my mom's homemade (grizzly) burgers, so, when she wasn't looking, we'd take the meat out of the buns and put it in the dining room table shelf (underneath the top). Then we'd eat the bun, acting as if there was still a burger in it (by hiding how thin it was). To this day, I love a Cheez Whiz and mustard sandwich (as that's what I had in my burgers). When Mom caught on to the table trick, we used to throw the meat behind the buffet diagonally placed in the corner of our dining room - and hope the dog didn't go straight for it. Ahhhh, those were the days, LOL.

  6. Hi Kandy

    Oh that cake looks so yummy :)

    I drink coffee and tea and alcohol and pepsi max or diet coke but I also love water and I do think that I drink all of the above in moderation LOL alcohol the least :)

    I say drink what you enjoy :)

    have Fun


    BTW I know a lot of people who don't drink tea or coffee

    1. Hi Helen, I think you've summed it up beautifully - "I say drink what you enjoy." I couldn't say it better!

  7. ount me in the "I love the taste of coffee but I won't drink it" Club. I love the smell, but it makes me gag to drink it hot or cold, unless it's only 1% otal of a drink! I do like tea, hot or cold, and especially american Sweet Tea. My vice drink of choice is Coca Cola, real or diet, and I love a good margarita, but they give me heartburn. TMI. Finally purchased a new fridge with a cold water filter/dispenser, that is what I'm trying to drink most of. Please send me s slice of cake, it looks yummy!

    1. Laurie, there's a slice of that cake sitting in my freezer - if I could share it with you, I gladly would!
      I wonder why we both find the scent of coffee so appealing, yet don't like it as a drink? Perhaps there's a an underlying bitterness that is only apparent in the liquid. Enjoy your new fridge!