Feb 23, 2018

What the World Needs Now... Kindness

There's so much ugliness happening all over the world stage at the moment, and, don't get me wrong - I believe in taking action to see the change we want, but I also believe that it can all be overwhelming for us as individuals. 

So, today I want to talk about kindness. The type of kindness that really makes a difference to someone but rarely makes headlines. 

Kindness to people who need it, and to people who didn't think they did. Kindness to strangers, and kindness to friends and family. Kindness to animals, and kindness to all things.

I've had some beautiful people show me kindness in my life. Sometimes it's the simple act of explaining something clearly without making me feel stupid for not understanding right away. Other times it's been something huge...

When Mr Bailey had cancer a few years ago, the romance community banded around us. One writer flew to Australia to look after our five dogs while we went to Brisbane for his chemo and radiation. Another sent us vouchers for a food home delivery service, and several brought us home-cooked food while we were staying in Brisbane. Others took some of the load with my RWA work. And so many more that I can't even list them all, but I will never forget them. Kindness counts.

So, let's talk about kindness. Real kindness that's happened in the world. Tell me something kind someone has done for you. It might be a big thing or a tiny little thing - the size doesn't matter, just that it had an effect on you.


  1. Oh Rachel what a lovely post I agree kindness is easy to do it can take just a smile sometimes, holding a door open for someone being there to listen and share a laugh (or wine).

    My hubby got cancer when he was 39 we had 2 kids in high school 2 in primary school and 8 days later my Mum was diagnosed with it as well so I had 2 loved ones in different hospitals and if it wasn't for my friends who helped me with the kids and just being there to listen I don't know how I would have gotten through it all.

    So yes kindness is easy keep smiling

    Have Fun


  2. What a great post, Rachel!

    I remember two dear friends who each ferried me out to visit my very ill father when I wasn't able to drive myself due to an injury. Being able to spend time with him was such a gift. That's real friendship. :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous post, Rach. It resonated with something else I read today. This:

    I remember how nervous I was at my first RWAust conference, and how kind and welcoming everyone was. It 's reminded me to make an extra effort at the next conference. A little kindness can make so much difference. :-)