Feb 26, 2018

Life is Like a Box.... by Amy Andrews!


I am drowning in boxes......Not little boxes, little boxes, little boxes full of ticky tacky...Sadly, not those kind of boxes at all.


Yes, we're moving. After 16 years in the house we built surrounded by trees we're heading for a sea change and I can't wait!!

But...I'd forgotten how awful moving is and I take my hat off to anyone who does it frequently... I also wouldn't recommend trying to get a book written in the middle of all the chaos!

The trucks arrive on Thursday and on Friday we will be moving into our new house with our ocean view 700kms north of where we live now! 

A big week. A very big week!

Anyone got any packing/moving day tips for me? My survival may depend on it...





  1. Gah! Look at all those boxes! Sending hugs, Amy...lots of hugs.

  2. I hate packing and then there's the unpacking. No helpful tips, except keep the wine cool. all the best with your move, Amy.

    1. Think we might just hit the local bottleshop after the truck leave, Sue ;-)

  3. The things I hate the most the most about moving are packing and unpacking. Packing due to trying to keep some kind of organisation in packing the boxes (ie keeping stuff that goes in a specific room/part of the house) while making sure boxes aren't too heavy or are keeping the items in them protected. Unpacking is due to wanting to have the peace of everything being unpacked and in their homes, but knowing that I have to pace myself in actually unpacking for my own wellbeing.
    Based on Facebook, my advice is something you were already doing. My key advice is declutter as you pack - if you don't want to move it or unpack it, it doesn't need to be packed. That said, I'd suggest also considering decluttering as you unpack - in my experience, no matter how much decluttering I do while packing there is some stuff that still sneaks through that isn't needed.

  4. Keep wine accessible at all times! Good luck with the move!