Feb 2, 2018

Odd Woman Out

Today is the second day of the second month of 2018.

All even numbers. Did you notice?  It’s no surprise that I did, for I looove even numbers.  They make me happy.  Little thrills actually shoot down my spine at the very thought.

Same thing happens when I manage to achieve an even number at the petrol pump.  A whole dollar, now that'd make me weak at the knees.

And TV volume HAS to be even.  Always.

I colour code my M&MS. In rows of two, in fact. Because…even.

I'm just stating to write my 36th book. The fact that its an even number makes me just a little more excited!
Symmetry does it for me, too.  I adore a city building. I find bridges things of supreme beauty. Tunnels and archways too.  Jetties and clear horizons.  Art Deco design.  Black and white tiles. (Yum!)  The films of Wes Anderson.

When driving to the north coast, I'll take the long way just to go past that forest that was planted in neat straight lines.

On the flipside...
Odd dates, those “you had one job” meme in which a tiler put just one tile out of place...?  Fingernails down a blackboard.
All of which is all completely normal, right?  Right???


  1. lol, Ally. Maybe just a little slightly OCD....
    When I was a nurse there was an ICU consultant who hated having any ventilator settings on odd numbers :-)

    1. You think? If only I was neat and tidy with it!