Nov 27, 2017

New Site for Romance readers!

Have you heard about the new kid on the block?

It's a great place where romance readers can go and follow their favourite authors and read snippets from books, deleted scenes, teasers, scenes from works in progress. These outtakes are called Bites and, I gotta say, the way they're presented reminds me very much of Tumblr. Oh and it's very very pretty :-)

It's called Book + Main Bites. No....I have no idea why its called such an uninspiring name... but if you're a reader it's free and what better way to check out an author's work?

My profile is HERE and here's one of my bites as an example - (if you click on the images they'll come up larger)

See, what I mean by pretty? And at the end of each snippet there's even links to where you can find the book should browsing turn to buying.

Here's a list of all my bites and I'm adding to it daily -

I'm absolutely in love with the site both as a reader and an author - I've already one-clicked 3 books from reading Bites so I'm keeping my device well fed! But it comes with a warning - you can fall down a rabbit hole where you lose a few hours!

This is the main page where you can go to sign up and I urge you all to check it out.

And I'd love for you to come back here and let me know what you think!


  1. Oh, you know I'm going way down this rabbit hole. I'm already obsessed. What a great idea!

  2. What an excellent idea. I'm waiting *less than patiently* for the keys to the rabbit-hole.

  3. lol :-)
    I hope you've cleared some procrastination time in your schedule, Bron!

  4. Hi Amy

    I had joined and am really liking it and slowly finding all of my favourite authors and new ones LOL just what I need

    Have Fun


    1. lol, Helen. I would say you on there is a dangerous thing to your hip pocket :-)

  5. This is on my to do list to check out when I find some available time. I'm in two minds whether to check out new kids on the block when it comes to book-centric social media platforms since past ones don't seem to have made it, but at the same time they don't have any chance at all if they aren't tried.