Nov 10, 2017

25 Today

In 2010 I sold my first book, Their Marriage Miracle, to the Harlequin Mills & Boon medical series.
It was so exciting I nearly burst with pride.

Last week I sold my twenty fifth medical to HM&B. It is so exciting I'm nearly bursting with pride.
What a journey. It didn't start seven years ago. it started when someone first put a pencil in my hand when I was barely old enough to talk. I've always told or written stories. It just was. I can no more help thinking up stories than I can avoid eating!
But to finally be published is still one of my proudest achievements.

My dad always encouraged me, helping with spelling, editing, and ways to improve the story. He would love this picture of 23 of my books. Two are still to come.
Whereas my mother always said I had to get life experience before I could tell a story. The last time she said it I was in my late thirties. I think I'd done some living by then. Infertility, a failed marriage to a man who spent two dollars for every one we earned, a major car crash, the loss of my dad when I was nineteen: and the good stuff. Taking myself to live in Vancouver for six months, other amazing trips, the best friends ever who've been with me most of my life, marrying again, a step daughter I'm unbelievably close to. Lots of stories in there.
Of course life had a major role to play in when I finally got published. Writing stories might've been important to me but there were many years when there just wasn't the time, energy or priority to follow through on my dream. Mortgages, study and career, and other things took precedence as they have to. But at the back of my mind my dream waited. And when I met my man and moved in with him he made me see the waiting was over, that the only thing getting in the way of chasing the dream was me. With that encouragement I was off and hitting the keys. It took years to get accepted by HM&B but I learnt so much along the way and I'll be forever grateful for the editors who worked with me on that journey.
Do I still enjoy being an author? You bet. This is the best career ever, and I've got many more stories to tell. So I'd better get back to the other keyboard and write up a storm.

Are you following your dreams? Or are you in that phase where they're on hold?


  1. Congratulations on twenty-five books, Sue! It's a wonderful achievement. There's nothing quite so wonderful as living the dream. :-)

  2. Hi Sue

    What a beautiful post life does through us ups and downs along the way but I am sure they make us a better person I am thrilled for you I have yet to catch up on all of your books but the ones I have read I have loved and look forward to one day getting them all read. As for me I am following my dream I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and I read and have lots of friends :0

    Have Fun


    1. Aww, Helen, what more can you want really? Family is number one, isn't it? Thanks for the comments re my books. Lovely.

  3. Congrats on 25 books! That is a major accomplishment! Hope there are more to come, as I enjoy reading them!.
    All of my dreams have come true: marriage, children, grandkids, a successful career as a nurse and a lot of reading, crafting and travel. I'd love to travel more, but I need to win the lottery first!

  4. There you go - next dream is winning the lotto! You have achieved a lot of things you've dreamed about so why not? Thanks for all your lovely comments about my books.