Nov 13, 2017

Hobbies or Hell?

I have a piano exam in two weeks. Grade Six, so it’s not an easy one and I get so nervous in exams that I shake. I’m supposed to do an hour’s practice a day, two would be better but who has that sort of time to dedicate to a hobby?

I learned piano as a child and was pretty good back then. When my Mum gave me her grand piano a few years ago I felt I really should go back to learn again. That muscle memory is there from all those hours of practice as a kid but wow, it is so much harder now.

Yesterday I had some friends around and we all played for each other. It was fun but I was quite nervous. Showed me I still have lots to do in the next two weeks.

However, I’m getting there and will pass the exam, but the question is, am I really enjoying it or
playing because 1) I know it is good for my brain to learn new things 2) feel obligated to play such a beautiful instrument, 3) if I don't use it (piano playing), I’ll lose it or 4) I actually enjoy it. And to be honest, I don’t really know the answer. But as I will be going on to Grade Seven next year, which is really, really hard, I think I need to work out the answer and fast.

Do you have a hobby? Do you do it because you love it or do it because you think you should? 


  1. Jen, I'm full of admiration for you! What a wonderful talent to be able to play the piano and to be doing exams.
    Gardening is my hobby and it's paying off this spring with my farm garden looking glorious. (I might add my hubby does most of the hard slog!
    Good luck in that exam!

    1. I'm so impressed with your gardening efforts, Kandy. I'd love to be a good gardener. But, I have to say in the summer I'm a bit scared of snakes.

  2. Wow, go you. Playing the piano well is fabulous. I learned as a teen but was rather heavy handed. All the best for your exam.
    I used to do a lot of patchwork way back so two years ago joined a local group where I've met some wonderful ladies. But am I enjoying the patchwork? Not a lot. It's all about the people I'm mixing with.

    1. I've always had a fascination for patchwork, Sue. Sounds like you have a lovely group of people to patch with!

  3. Way to go Jennifer that was something I always wanted to do a kid but never had a piano so never learnt. As for hobbies mine is reading and I do it because I love it I love getting lost in a story and travelling the world even back in time and into the future if I want.

    Good luck I know you are going to do really well

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks Helen. Fingers cross I do okay. I just have to keep my nerves under control. You certainly are an amazing reader!!