Oct 20, 2017

Cat Fever....

Although I'm a cat owner, I've always considered myself more of a dog person than a cat person. But I do adore my cats....a pair of Ragdolls that were both rehomed to us. Recently, I got to hang out with fellow LoveCat and well-known dog rescuer, Rachel Baily, and we talked about dogs, dogs and more dogs....

But then I got home and headed to my office and discovered this....

Oscar....known as the laziest cat in the universe.

He doesn't do much...actually, he doesn't do anything except eat and sleep for twenty one hours a day.

Very different from this....Candy....she'd awake pretty much all night, racing around the house, looking for moths of gecko's or some other tasty morsel with legs she can tear off....

Two cats....same house....same food...same beds....but one who treats me like a servant and thinks I'm around to do his bidding and empty the litter tray. And the other, a huntress, a night stalker, a feline with stealth and cunning.

Ying and Yang. Salt and Pepper. Chalk and cheese.


So.....are you a cat or dog person? Canine or feline? Do you have a funny pet story you'd like to share?


  1. Hi Helen

    They are gorgeous we have two kittens brother and sister they are 6 months old now and they play together and sleep together both are asleep at the moment but when they are awake they are tearing around the house getting into all sorts of mischief Sparrow loves the kitchen sink and Belle loves bags of all types :) but we also have a gorgeous dog a Maremma named Casper big and cuddly although it is raining down here today and he is muddy as his bath was cancelled because of the rain and now he won't be white again toll Tuesday :)

    So I love them all can't choose

    have Fun


  2. My hubs and I are both cat lovers. We had a wonderful white blue-eyed ragdoll, she was completely deaf. She was a run-away and my hubs rescued her and took her in. When we got married, she went with us to the 'ceremony' and was completely silent, until the question: Is there anyone who objects to this marriage? Then she objected, loud and clear! She was a cat who loved fireworks and she loved to play tricks with us. She was only allowed to go outside when placed on a line. She would ask very politely and wait for us to open the door, bend over to take the line and just in that moment you would hook her up, she would jump away, sit down again, just out of reach and she jus laughed... at least that was her expression. She went over the rainbowbridge three years ago, but we don't have the heart to adopt another cat yet

  3. Your kitties are so beautiful, Helen! I have four cats and, as you point out with yours, they have very different personalities.
    There's a sign in out kitchen that reads: Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff. I think that says it all!

  4. Unfortunately I'm highly allergic to cats, Helen. I can tell when a cat has been a room as I instantly start sneezing. So, we have to be a dog family. We have a the cutest Cavoodle.