Sep 15, 2017

Happiness Is..........

With there seeming to be so much uncertainty in the world, with bad news spreading the airwaves and social media, I wanted to think about the things that make me happy...and maybe share some things that make you happy too!

This makes me happy.....

Traveling for over one thousand kilometers this weekend with my husband, and heading to Toranafest (yes, there is a such a thing) Where four hundred plus Holden Torana enthusiasts get together to celebrate all things Torana. It's my first time to this event and I'm looking forward to posting some pictures on Facebook over the weekend. This is hubby's blue baby....

And this makes me happy.....
The upcoming release of my episode of Secret Of the A-List - I was fortunate enough to be asked to write one episode of this sexy new serial for Harlequin. It's a twelve part serial and I have written Epsiode 5, due out in October. The series is a cross between Revenge/Dynasty/Bold & The Beautiful and I was delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of it.
And this makes me happy.... beautiful boy who I have had in my life for ten years. The laziest horse on the planet, but also the kindest and most trustworthy friend. He's retired now, but still loves time and attention.
And this makes me happy....
Flowers....all kinds. Getting them and giving them.
And this guy.....
My gorgeous Boss....walking him along the esplanade where I live. Quiet walks on the beach that make me appreciate the beauty of where I live and the joy in simple things. 


So, what makes you happy?


  1. What a lovely post Helen oh that Torana brings back memories my BIL had one a gold one way back in the 70's and they are fun. And what makes me happy is my grandkids I have 8 of them and they always make me smile and I am off on a 4 day cruise on Sunday with 4 of the grandkids this should bring lots of smiles LOL and of course our pets Casper the Maremma and Sparrow and Belle out 2 kittens these make me smile.

    Oh and I have read the first 2 episodes so far in the Secrets of the A-List and loving it

    Have a great weekend

    have Fun

  2. Hi Helen - I'm so glad you are enjoying Secret's of the A-List. And yes, family is so important. Have a wonderful time on your cruise! :)

  3. Aww what beautiful furry friends you have in your life!

    I love curling up on the couch to play video games with my husband, going for dinner with friends, discovering a new author to love and Skyping with my family :)

  4. Hi Stef - yes, I have sooooo many lovely furry friends. The more the merrier, I say :)

  5. Helen, how lovely to read about the things that make you happy - thank you for sharing. In particular, so nice to meet Zeb and Boss.
    I love being with my husband, daughter and friends. Being with my cats makes me very happy too. And swimming. I'm always happy when I'm swimming!