Dec 4, 2016

Sunday Smooch with Annie West

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Annie West's THE DESERT KING'S SECRET HEIR.

The child she hid… 
Surrounded by society's glitterati, Arden Wills finds herself staring up into the eyes of her first and only love. But Sheikh Idris Baddour has a surprise title and heavy responsibilities…so she clings to her precious secret even tighter.  

Time has done nothing to dampen the intense ardor between them. And when their kiss is blasted across the world's front pages, Arden's truth comes to light—the sheikh has a secret son! To avoid further scandal, Idris must legitimize his heir and make English rose Arden his dutiful desert queen!

Scene set-up
Four years earlier Arden had a holiday affair with Shakil, a student on vacation. Circumstances tore them apart but, discovering she was pregnant, Arden tried unsuccessfully to trace her lover. Now, against all odds, she meets Shakil in London, except he's not Shakil, he's Sheikh Idris of Zahrat, wealthy, powerful and about to become engaged to a beautiful Middle Eastern princess. Now, the morning after their surprise meeting, Arden finds Idris outside the door of her London home, accusing her of having an affair with his cousin, who'd accompanied her the night before.

Smooch  -

‘Ridiculous?’ Idris’s eyes narrowed to ebony slits. Those carved cheekbones loomed threateningly high as his face drew taut. ‘You call me ridiculous?’
Fire branded her neck as hard fingers closed around her nape, moulding to skin turned feverish at his touch.
Arden swiped her suddenly arid mouth with her tongue, searching for words to stop the fury in that glittering gaze.
But his touch didn’t feel like anger. That was the problem. She could have withstood it if it did.
Arden trembled as the hand at her neck shifted and long fingers speared her hair, spreading over her scalp, massaging. Shivers of delight rippled through her and her eyelids hovered, weighted, at half mast. Tendrils of fire cascaded from her scalp down her spine and around to her breasts where her nipples peaked.
She swallowed convulsively and forced herself to straighten away from the door, even though it meant brushing against him.
‘I didn’t mean—’
‘Of course you did.’ His mouth twisted. ‘You’re right. It is ridiculous. Impossible and inconvenient…and inevitable.’
Then, while Arden was still absorbing his words, his head lowered.
His mouth on hers was just as she remembered. A huge, tearing fullness welled in her chest as his lips shaped hers, not hard and punishing as she’d expected from the glint in his eyes, but gentle, questing. As if seeking an answer to a question she hadn’t heard.
Shakil. The taste of him burst on her, rich and delicious. It was the one sense memory she hadn’t been able to recall in the years since he’d left her. Now it filled her, evocative, masculine and, she feared, potently addictive. For her head was lolling back, lips open to allow him access.
Somehow her hands had crept up to brace on his chest. The steady thrum of his heart was a reassuring counterpoint to her sense of disorientation.
His other hand slipped around her waist, pulling her against a body that was all hard power, making her feel soft and feminine in ways she’d almost forgotten.
And still that kiss. No longer quite as gentle. Arden heard a guttural sound of approval as her tongue met his in a foray into pure pleasure.
He shifted and delight filled her as her nipples grazed his torso. She pressed closer, absorbed in heady, oh-so-familiar delight, till a long hard ridge pressed against her belly.
Arden’s eyes snapped open and she saw his eyes had narrowed to slits of dark fire. Then, over his shoulder, high up at street level, came a burst of light, a glint of sunlight off something. It was enough, just, to bring her back to reality.
‘No.’ No-one heard her protest since their lips were locked.
She had to shove with all her might for him to lift his head, blinking as if unable to focus. That might have made her feel better but for the realisation just five minutes in this man’s company had obliterated every defence she’d spent years constructing. 
‘No,’ she gasped. That full feeling behind her breastbone turned to pain. ‘This is wrong. We can’t…’
She didn’t need to go on. Sheikh Idris of Zahrat agreed completely. It was there in the dawning horror sharpening his features and the unsteady hand that swiped his face. He shook his head as if wondering what he was doing.
Nor did Arden need to shove him again. One swift pace backwards on those long legs took him almost to the base of the area steps and left her feeling appallingly alone.
Chest pumping, Arden stared at the dark gold face of the man she’d once adored. The man who now looked at her as if she were his personal nightmare.
Desperate, she put her palms to the door behind her, needing its support.
Despite it all, the anger, hurt and betrayal that had shaped her life for four years, she’d harboured a hope that if they met again he’d admit he’d made a terrible mistake in leaving. That he’d missed her, wanted her, as she’d missed and wanted him.
In her dreams he’d never looked at her with horror.

Have you ever been tempted to kiss someone you knew you shouldn't? If you don't want to admit to that, maybe tell me what your current favourite temptation is to go in the draw to win a signed copy of THE DESERT KING'S SECRET HEIR.

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  1. Hi Annie

    I loved reading that excerpt and I loved this books what a fab story Idris is so good and Arden is just the best for him :)

    I am not sure whether there is anyone specific that I have wanted to kiss and know I shouldn't :) there are some I am sure but people I don't really know favourite temptation at the moment chocolate and I am staying away from it (well mostly)

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen! I'm so pleased you enjoyed my Secret Heir. I had a really lovely time writing this pair, as I hope you can tell from the book.

      Ah, chocolate as temptation - now that I can understand! Good on you, having the willpower to keep your distance.

  2. Smoking hot smooch, Annie.

    Temptation - well it is all around at Xmas time. Champagne, chocolate, big dinners, all those lovely nibbles. All very hard to resist!

    1. Hi Jenn! Yes, yummy goodies in the lead up to Christmas can be dangerous, can't the? But fun...definitely lots of fun.

  3. Awesome smooch Annie. Hmmm, probably have been tempted to kiss those I shouldn't (but that's all I'm going to say).
    As for other temptations, chocolate, ice cream and strawberries

    1. Lyn, I'm glad you enjoyed it. They were a pair with a lot of tension between them, that's for sure. Love your list of temptations. It's so hot here, ice cream has to be top of my list.

  4. Annie, what a fantastic smooch. I just loved this book - there was so much emotion and sexual tension between these two. And they're great characters. Hmm, temptation? On a hot night like this, it has to be a cold chocolate milkshake! But I'm being strong and having a glass of water instead.

    1. Oh, Anna, what a lovely thing to say. I felt that emotional and sexual tension too and hoped that came across in the writing. As for chocolate milkshakes, it's the perfect weather for it here in Australia right now, isn't it?

  5. Hello Annie, I love stories with the sheiks and this seems really very beautiful ... I hope to read even in Italian soon.
    As for your question ... yes, I had the urge to kiss someone even though I knew I should not do it ... and I kissed !!!

  6. Hi Franca. Lovely of you to drop by. I'm smiling at you daring to kiss the person you knew you shouldn't. I hope it was worth it!

    I know you're a fan of sheikh stories. There are a few Italian heroes coming soon, so I hope you enjoy those too! :)

  7. sorry I am very boring --no secrets desires --but love to read your books-----LynW

  8. Gorgeous smooch, Annie! I'm really looking forward to reading this one (I've started it and am LOVING it). :-)

    My greatest temptation at the moment is sneaking off to do lovely fun social things when I have a book due next week. Oop. Oh, and Blue Castello cheese! I can't seem to get enough of that at the moment either. ;-)

    1. Michelle, I hope you continue to enjoy it! Comments like that make me wonder where you're up to in the story and then I smile as I so enjoyed it.

      Blue Castello cheese - definitely yum! Maybe we could sneak off together and enjoy some.

  9. Love reading your books Annie.Can't wait to read the next one.

    1. Hi Ann! Lovely of you to pop by here. I'm so glad to hear you're looking forward to the next book. :)

  10. Ooh, Annie, here's a big to you for this glorious smooch! Your books are so much fun!

    1. A big HUG! Don't know where the most important word in that phrase went.

    2. Waving hi, Laura. I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed this smooch. Thanks for the hug too. Just the perfect gift this week. :)

  11. *Sigh* this is just beautiful! A wonderful way with words and I was totally swept away!

  12. So swept away I forgot to answer the question hehehe. Two words - two dreaded words - Christmas Party! Many many moons ago I was and I did at our work Christmas Party! :/

    1. Tash, I'm fascinated. He, he! Christmas parties have a lot to answer for, don't they? So glad you enjoyed the snippet from Secret Heir.

  13. Before I got married, I was tempted, but I did not act on it. Wonderful smooch, Annie

    1. Hi Tammy. Temptation can be hard to resist, can't it? Thanks for the feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed the smooch!