Dec 23, 2016

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas from all the Lovecats...(and to all the Lovecats!)

As I write this (yesterday) I still haven't managed to get the Christmas tree up. I've been waiting for a time this week when all four of us are going to be around to dress it, but that precious time just hasn't materialised (we're also late because we were away last week on the first family holiday in a few years)... so the tree (artificial) is standing bare in our lounge with boxes of decorations next to it.

But nevertheless, tree or no tree, I'm in my happy place where the boys are home from uni and doing their thing (which mainly involves eating, being out with friends or here with friends and, did I mention eating?) and I'm Momma hen clucking about making sure they're okay.

I have my lists and am in no doubt I'll somehow be ready for Christmas Eve (and if not, we won't starve!!) and we'll sit down (one, two, three, four or more of us) and have our annual viewing of Love Actually, which will make me laugh and cry and more determined to people watch next time I'm at an airport.

Christmas Day will be a muddle of food and drink and wrappings. Swiftly followed by a Boxing Day BBQ which will see us hosting upwards of 40 people...pray for sunshine!!

The rest of the week I'll be back at my desk, adding words to the book that is due on February 1st, and pondering which resolutions I'm going to make for the coming year.

So, have a very merry Christmas, I hope you manage to get some relaxation time, lots of laughter and lots of love. All the very best for a happy and peaceful 2017.


  1. Wishing you a happy Christmas too, Louisa. It sounds like you're going to have a marvellous time. All the best for a stellar new year too!

    1. Festive greetings to you and yours, Annie! I hope 2017 shapes up to be a fabulous year for you xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Louisa sounds like lots of fun and the most important part is spending time together which I am looking forward to although one of my daughters her hubby and their 2 kids can't make it up for Christmas this year so we will be having an extra one in January.

    I plan on reading and relaxing :)

    Have Fun

  3. Louisa, your words conjure up a beautiful Christmas with real spirit & heart at the centre of it. SO LOVELY. Have a wonderful time and enjoy Love Actually and Momma Henning. Merry Christmas Ladies and a Purring Christmas to all our Love Cats across the world <3

  4. Wishing you and your family, as well as all the LoveCats and their families, a Merry and safe Christmas.
    If it makes you feel any better, putting my Christmas tree up and decorating has been on my to do list several times during December and still hasn't happened. Heck, by having the tree and boxes out, you're still doing better than me (both are still in the cupboard)

  5. Merry Christmas, Louisa! I hope you and all the other LoveCats have a wonderful holiday season and a spectacular start to 2017 xx

  6. I finally got my tree up Wednesday, finished my baking today, and still have a few presents to wrap.
    Happy Holidays to you all! I can't wait for new books in the New Year!!!

  7. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Louisa. It's such a crazy time of year but great to catch up with family and friends. 40 people for lunch sounds a bit hectic! Hope you survived it.
    Good luck with your work in progress, too. May 2017 be a fabulous year for you.