Sep 2, 2016

Where, oh where!

So, I've lost my sunglasses.

 I guess that's not really an engaging blog topic, but when I say that it's the second pair in two weeks, it starts to become an interesting pattern..... I've looked absolutely everywhere I can think off but nothing, nada, zip. As I was lifting up the sixty-fourth couch cushion and losing hope, I thought back to three times in my life when things I thought I'd lost forever, miraculously turned up....

The first was a gold bangle my grandparents had given me when I was born.

Around the time I was five it was lost and I remember crying and feeling naughty for not taking better care of it. I'd all but forgotten it, when at ten we were selling the family car and found it down the back of the seat. (Wow, how I wish I still had that groovy 1970s car!)

I can still remember the thrill of seeing the bangle and I've kept it safe ever since.

The second thing was a beaded bag when I was twelve.

We'd spent all day in the big city and late in the afternoon when Dad took us to the movies, I realised I'd left my gorgeous bag somewhere on our travels. To pacify a distraught me, my Dad went to the local police station, and LO! it had been handed in. That's not the incredible bit, though. When we asked for the name of the finder so we could send them a thank-you note, it turned out to be my Dad's sister!

The final, and probably most spectacular was a silver bracelet my boyfriend had given me. We'd spent all day at a very busy beach and later that night I realised I'd lost it and remembered taking it off and laying it on my towel before going for a swim.

I was heartbroken and could hardly sleep that night but when my boyfriend woke early and suggested going back to look I said it would be usesless as the tide would have been in and out since then. He insisted, and we found the spot where we'd been and to my absolute amazement, the tiniest piece of silver was sticking out of the sand - we'd found it!

So, can you help me out with some positive vibes for my glasses by telling me your most spectacular lost and found story?


  1. Barb, I love that you've had three treasures turn up so unexpectedly. Wonderful!

    I'm afraid I have no similar stories to share but I wish you all the luck in the world finding your sunnies. I seem to spend a little bit of every day looking for my glasses. Which is why I bought a brightly coloured case for them. Really useful! Except when I use them and put them down somewhere else...

  2. Oh Barbara

    I do hope you are lucky again and find them I have lost a few things over the years the worst thing I lost was my eternity ring at work never found I am afraid It. It is not very nice when you lose things that are special :)

    Have Fun

  3. Barb, I once lost a gold bracelet -- one of the first gifts Mr Douglas ever gave me. I was *so* upset! I found it over a year later in a tiny plastic tray compartment thing between the door and floor of my car. I was overjoyed.

    I'll keep my fingers very firmly crossed that you find your sunnies!

  4. Can't think of any lost and successfully found stories of my own right now, but that could just be the impact of 2 weeks of AWOL sleep quality.

    Is it bad that my first thought on the bag - is that if it had happened today, your aunt would have just texted or rung to say she had found the bag?

  5. I think you must be one of those lucky souls, Barb! Everything I lose stays lost...

  6. For someone who only attends church on Christmas Eve every year, it might surprise you that my recommendation is to pray. After looking "everywhere", I calmly ask God or his helpers to help me find whatever it is, and I swear (to God, LOL) that it miraculously appears within a few days (usually where I've looked and looked before, as that place is where it "belongs") - IF it is within my own domain and not lost far, far away....
    Good luck!

  7. A few months ago I walked off and left my handbag on the seat where I'd sat for a rest. As I was rushing back in panic the phone in my pocket rang. It was the police at the police station round the corner where my bag had been handed in. Unfortunately I couldn't thank them as they didn't leave their name.

  8. I'm so glad your treasures turned up! Fingers crossed for the sunglasses.

    I definitely have one of those stories. When I was in highschool we were only allowed to wear religious symbols for jewellery (it was a catholic school) and since I didn't like wearing a cross, I borrowed my father's medallion which is very near and dear to him. It has the church from the town in Italy that my family is from engraved into it.

    So, I wore it to school one day and then when I came home I found the chain holding it had broken and the medallion was nowhere to be found. I was TERRIFIED of telling my dad and had a good hunt around the school yard with my mum trying to find it at the end of the day. No such luck.

    When I got home and changed out of my uniform, I noticed something fall onto the floor. The medallion had fallen into my shirt and had been sitting safely where the shirt tucked into my bloomers under my skirt the whole afternoon. Phew!